ETs & Multi-Dimensional Contact

ETs & Multi-Dimensional Contact


HostJimmy Church

GuestsJames Gilliland

James Gilliland, author, minister, counselor, multiple near death experiencer and contactee joined Jimmy Church (email) for the entire program to discuss his ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomena, along with his evidence of ET intervention in Earthly affairs. He said that he found the location for his ranch at Mt. Adams, Washington through a series of synchronicities after losing a map he was following. Presently, Gilliland conducts classes and seminars which are attended by an average of 300 people each time. He says that he has been able to teach people to move between dimensions and that some attendees "disappear and reappear in the class." Gilliland also says that it is a common occurrence to witness UFOs at the Ranch, where some actually "come down below treetop level."

In fact, Gilliland reports that there are so many UFOs sighted at his property that the US Government has taken an interest over the years. He also recalled that his nephew had a visit from two classic "men in black," who seemed to be able to read his mind and began interrogating him before the nephew "called on the higher beings to help." At that point, he says they began to appear uncomfortable and sweat, and one of the MIBs wiped his face, at which point one of his eyebrows fell off as it was revealed his features were applied with makeup. Both left immediately. The first time he saw a "lightship," Gilliland says he thought he was "losing it," but now says he can tell when and where they will appear. He also claims to have traveled on ET spaceships physically and on a psychic level.

According to Gilliland, there have also been numerous sightings of Bigfoot at the ECETI Ranch. He feels that they are "totally harmless." He recalled how one of the creatures escaped down a path which was covered with branches, but didn’t break any of them, indicating that they may be able to switch between dimensions. Gilliland believes that at his property, "the veils between worlds are very thin. It accelerates the awakening and healing process." In answer to a Twitter question, Gilliland responded that whatever contact events that may be going on in people’s lives are "enhanced at the Ranch."

Later in the program, Gilliland spoke about his feeling that there is a "transdimensional war" going on, which pits forces who wish to enslave humans against benevolent aliens who are "working their butts off to help us." He thinks that they are doing this in the background because society is not ready for the full reality of their presence and that they would be "demonized" by most people. In spite of any help we might be getting from non-humans, Gilliland believes that any problems we are experiencing are for us to solve and "it’s up to us to rise to the occasion."



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