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Climate Controversies/ ET & UFO Contacts

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Retired professor of climatology and now Chairman of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project, Dr. Tim Ball, contends that climate data has been manipulated, and climate issues have focused on faulty computer modeling rather than empirical data. In a scientific debate that's become politicized, those who believe climate change/global warming is the result of man-made causes such as increased C02, accuse Ball of being a "climate change denier." But when people find out the extent to which they've been deliberately deceived on these issues, such as when data has been fabricated or altered, "then, the credibility of science is going to go out the window," he commented.

Ball is pleased that Pres. Trump is making changes to the EPA, with the goal of getting rid of political corruption, and using the environment as an agenda for control. He cited how diplomat Maurice Strong wrote Agenda 21, the UN environment program, which concerned precautionary approaches to climate change, and declared "you don't need scientific certainty to act." Ball believes that the climate variations we're experiencing are part of natural earth and sun cycles, and that the sun is now in a low sunspot mode, which correlates with lower global temperatures. "The people I have faith terms of the proper science, anticipate a cooling trend for at least 30-40 years," he added.


In the latter half, engineer and ufologist Dale Harder talked about his experiences with UFOs and ET contacts, as well as his contention that he himself is an alien born in human form. He has memories of his birthing process on a craft of the Pleiadians (humanoids that come from a planet in the Pleiades star system), and as an infant he was left at Catholic Charities, with no record of his parents. At an early age, he found he had psychic abilities and was able to hear others' thoughts. Harder said he was brought here more than 60 years ago, as part of a vanguard group to help raise the consciousness of the planet, as Earth moves to a higher level of frequency.

He described some of his communications with the Pleiadians, which can take the form of telepathic messages in his head. He also uses lasers to physically flash their ships in the sky (during hours when normal jets aren't flying), and their craft will typically signal him back with a number of flashes, he reported. The Pleiadian light or 'plasma' craft look like beautiful glowing spheres, sometimes with the colors of blue, gold, or orange, he detailed, and this appearance is when the craft are between the low level frequency of Earth, and their native higher level. The Pleiadians' home world is of a higher etheric nature than Earth's physical plane, and their thoughts are instantaneously realized and shared with all, he explained.

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