Vaccination & Electro-Shock Therapy

Vaccination & Electro-Shock Therapy


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJonathan Emord, Open Lines

Constitutional lawyer specializing in food and drug law and author of legislation for Congressman Ron Paul, Jonathan Emord is the only attorney in history that has defeated the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seven times in federal court. He spoke out against Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), a form of electroshock treatment that is prescribed to over a million Americans to treat major depressive conditions and other mental disorders. He also updated his work on issues relating to vaccines including state medical boards retaliating against physicians who dissent from the standard doctrine on the benefits of childhood vaccinations.

While the FDA has recently proposed to reclassify ECT devices from Class III (high risk) to Class II (moderate risk), Emord has filed a complaint with the FDA on behalf of over a dozen people who were injured by ECT treatments. Some suffered from dramatic memory losses-- being unable to recognize family and friends, as well as perform skills, even for such basic things as tying their shoes, he reported. Despite the FDA asking for evidence on three separate occasions over last the 30 years that ECT is safe and efficacious, no such evidence has ever been supplied, he noted. And still the treatment remains on the market, and surprisingly anyone can even buy ECT machines themselves online.

He cited particular issues with vaccination, such as when you vaccinate a child against a disease like the measles, for the first two weeks, they're contagious and can spread the disease to their parents or others. Additionally, if some 98% of people voluntarily agree to be vaccinated, then "why do we rout out and persecute the 2% when the 2% have no material effect on the transmission of the disease?" he asked. Emord also spoke positively on the Trump administration's plan to deregulate various agencies, making them more business friendly without removing safety protocols already in place.

Open Lines

Open Lines were featured in the latter half. Jerry, a first time caller from Illinois, shared an account of when he was 10 years old. His grandmother had recently been buried, and he saw a female entity walk into his bedroom, and then disappear. Two years later when there was a fire in the house, and he was barricaded in the bathroom, he heard an inner voice say "if you leave now, you will only be burned." Gary from Georgia related a recent incident when he fell asleep and "woke up to the sensation of something moving over me." A strange looking 8-inch tall creature was moving counterclockwise over his paralyzed body. He called out "I belong to Jesus," and the entity vanished.

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