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Survival After Death/ Inside UFOs

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Journalist Leslie Kean joined George Knapp to discuss her new book on near death experiences and the evidence for life after death. Kean revealed that she was a close friend of the late UFO abduction researcher Budd Hopkins and was present when he died, which began her interest in researching ideas of an afterlife. She said that Hopkins did not believe in survival of the soul, but that she has seen compelling evidence from a few mediums that Hopkins may indeed have survived bodily death. One woman who did not know Hopkins or Kean came up with "point after point" of accurate details.

In contrast to her UFO research and writing, she said that her newest book is "much more of a personal journey," and that she connected with some of the people and stories she began to uncover. She described the experience of a two-year old boy who began to insist that he was an American pilot who was shot down in 1945. The details turned out to be accurate and exact. Kean believes that there is overwhelming evidence for personality survival beyond death. She brought up the case of a woman who had a heart attack in a hospital and apparently died. She was revived and told a nurse about a tennis shoe she saw on a ledge on the outside of the hospital building when she left her body. After much searching, the shoe was found and details that could only be seen from outside the window were consistent. Kean has concluded that "there is some kind of interdimensional reality that’s not physical, but it’s merged with our world."


In the second half, researcher Preston Dennett discussed his many years of research into the UFO phenomenon, and the compelling personal stories he has recorded in that time. He says that his interest was piqued (and his skepticism was challenged) when family members and friends began to tell him their stories. He said at first it felt like "people I knew and loved for years were keeping secrets from me." Since then, Dennett has had his own experiences with balls of light and other sightings of strange objects. He shared one of the most startling stories of UFO contact he has researched which involved a Navy man who was told by another sailor that he could arrange a UFO contact experience. He claimed that he was then taken on a craft by praying mantis-type beings who showed him future events in his life that ultimately came true. Although he was shocked and traumatized at first, Dennett says he "is now very gung-ho" about publicizing this story.

Dennett believes that UFO contact is much more likely around someone who claims ongoing experiences. He thinks that the vast majority of UFO contact experiences are positive, and that "it’s not uncommon" to have other paranormal events that accompany them. "Kevin," a witness who Dennett discussed in the first part of the program, called in during the second hour to describe some of his sightings and encounters, and how they have affected his life. Summing it up, he remarked that "it’s one thing to watch the Twilight Zone, it’s another to live it." From all the witnesses he has interviewed, Dennett thinks that about 90% people who have a UFO encounter never report it, and when it involves some sort of ongoing contact, it is almost never mentioned to anyone except possibly close friends and family.

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