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Earthquake Prediction/ Color & Spirituality

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David Nabhan has been advocating for the creation of an earthquake warning system for the US West Coast for the last two decades. In the first half, he discussed his plan with zero cost and available for implementation tomorrow whereby newspapers and other media might publish higher probability advisories for elevated seismic risks. The idea that seismic windows can't be predicted is outdated, he argued, as lunar and solar gravitational forces, as well as tides, have repeatedly been shown to trigger earthquakes. Tides, he explained, are associated with small quakes, but these can then turn into much larger seismic events.

The next big one for California is on the horizon, he believes, and it's more probable that it will happen between 4:55-7:55 AM or PM, and near in time to the syzygies (the day of the new moon, or the full moon). California has done a decent job on earthquake preparedness, and the USGS is working on a system that would give residents a 10-15 seconds advance warning that something was coming, if they are far enough away from the epicenter. Nabhan also spoke about major seismic events of the past such as the Loma Prieta quake of 1989, and the New Madrid quakes of 1811-12 in Missouri, which were so strong they were felt all along the East Coast.


In the latter half, psychic, author, and cosmic coach, Dougall Fraser talked about how he utilizes color therapy, clairvoyance, intuition, and practical advice to help people assess and attain their goals and dreams. He discussed each color's unique spiritual and practical qualities, as well as how colors have shadow sides. At a very early age, Fraser began to see colors around people, which he perceives as their aura or energy, and he now trains others to develop this ability. Everyone has a soft white or pale yellow halo-like color around the top of their head, he cited, which represents the life force.

The color gold he typically sees around people that are self-employed or very independent, while ruby red indicates a highly emotional and empathetic person. Interestingly, when he's doing a reading, he says a person's aura fluctuates during their conversation. When the colors become more opaque, this is the "shadow side" that may indicate the ego getting in the way, or more negative energies. Fraser talked about experiencing synesthesia-- when he hears the sound of someone's voice, he sees colors. He demonstrated this skill during the last hour when he gave readings to callers. He recommended that people observe people's energy, rather than absorb it, as well as use "color props" to initiate different moods and strengths.

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