Deaths of Holistic Doctors/ Open Lines

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Deaths of Holistic Doctors/ Open Lines

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In the first half, longtime healing arts activist, Erin Elizabeth, discussed the shocking increase in the number of holistic doctors who have died under questionable circumstances. The total number of deaths has now gone past 60 in the last 22 months, she reported, with one occurring just yesterday in Wisconsin, as well as the ongoing case of a missing doctor in Texas. Some would say these doctors were outspoken, and a number of them had been getting their patients into remission from Stage 4 cancers, she noted. One of the first deaths was Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, who was known for his controversial treatments for children with autism. His gunshot wound to the chest was called a suicide in mainstream media, but Elizabeth and his family believes it may have been murder.

Many of the deaths are strange accidents, unsolved murders, or claimed suicides, she detailed. In the case of the missing holistic doctor, Glenn Towery, in the San Antonio area, his truck has been found on a back country road along with his cell phone and wallet. Police are investigating as a crime scene and not ruling out foul play. In a 2015 case in Pennsylvania, osteopath Mary Bovier was found stabbed to death in her kitchen by an unknown assailant, Elizabeth cited.

She spoke about the recent death of board certified holistic doctor Juan Gonzalez, which police are investigating as a homicide. Dr. Gonzalez was said to be successfully treating cancer patients. Elizabeth also talked about the increase of fake news, and how websites like are not always accurate in their debunking attempts. She has been banned from Facebook multiple times, as they apparently find her health-related content to be controversial.


Reacting to the reports of Erin Elizabeth, Rebecca from Denver remembered an article from Omni magazine from years ago, about the suspicious deaths of three or four doctors who claimed to have found the cure for cancer. Mike from Pennsylvania talked about 40-year cycles for cultural renaissance periods, with the next one due in the 2040s. Bonnie related a wild account of feeling something slithering or growing inside her body, and getting the runaround from doctors she visited. Eventually, she said she went to a chiropractor who X-rayed her protruding abdomen and saw a serpent-type body attached to a Grey alien-like head.

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