Decentralizing the Future/ Alternative Roswell Theory

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Decentralizing the Future/ Alternative Roswell Theory

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Director of the political think tank - the Middlebury Institute for the study of separatism, secession, and self-determination, Kirkpatrick Sale, has been described as the "leader of the Neo-Luddites." In the first half, he recounted his 1995 bet with the founder of Wired Magazine, Kevin Kelly, that by the year 2020, there would be a convergence of three calamities: global currency collapse, warfare between rich and poor, and environmental disasters of some significant size. We have reached these crisis proportions because everything is too big and unwieldy, he argued, including governments, corporations, banks, systems, and organizations. And a country with the huge territory and population of the United States has become out-of-control and impossible to successfully govern, he added.

Rather than being outraged over the destruction of their economy, many Americans are descending into drinking and drugs, and the distractions of sports and entertainment, he continued. "The mindset that technology will somehow save us from the evils that we have created with technology-- that is insanity," he declared. Sale outlined what we can do to reduce globalism and "giantism" and return to a scale that allows humanity to survive, if not thrive. His concept of a smaller human scale applies to buildings, cities, governments, economies, and social arrangements. For instance, rather than a centralized bureaucracy dealing with poverty, it could be more efficiently handled on a local or community level, he pointed out.


In the latter half, prolific author and expert on UFOs and the paranormal, Nick Redfern, offered an alternative explanation to the famed Roswell crash of 1947, involving a dark and sinister secret that had to be covered up at all costs. Back in 2001, he interviewed an elderly woman who had worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, who said that just following WWII, she saw human "guinea pigs" including Japanese people, the handicapped, and prisoners that were involved in aerial experiments. Through her testimony, and other witnesses he's spoken with in the ensuing years, Redfern has pieced together that the so-called aliens found in the Roswell crash, were likely these humans deemed expendable by the government, who were used to test out the rigors of high altitude exposure.

The experiments reportedly used technologies brought over from Japan and Germany using gigantic balloons with attached gondolas that contained the test subjects, he detailed. The cause of the night flight disaster in July, 1947 may have been that the balloon collided with the craft that was accompanying it, which led to the balloon exploding and raining down a large amount of tin foil-like debris over Mac Brazel's ranch, he explained, adding that a second crash site contained the heavier debris from the craft itself. Interestingly, Brazel had seen two previous balloons come down on his ranch, Redfern noted, and the hieroglyphics some witnesses reported seeing on beams in the debris were likely just Japanese lettering. For more, Nick will be giving a presentation on this topic at the Roswell UFO Festival this July.

News segment guests: Douglas Hagmann, John Curtis, Cal Orey

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