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In the first half, author, journalist and filmmaker Robert Young Pelton, who has spent time on the ground from Libya to Afghanistan, took us inside America's wars, and trouble spots. Regarding North Korea, as unbalanced as Americans think Kim Jong-un might be, we should be cautious about deposing him, as there could be worse scenarios if he's taken out, such as what's happened in Iraq and Libya, he remarked. "What worries me," he continued, "is that it seems like the (US) administration is fishing around for a war," magnifying threats, and looking for something to get everyone behind, as a way to deflect from other problems.

While Russian hackers may have influenced the American election, Pelton doesn't think this justifies the current narrative that the Russians are enemies of America, such as during the Soviet era. While it's hard to prevent terrorist acts like the recent one in Manchester carried out by a British citizen of Libyan descent, we have to empower the people to seek out their neighbors and learn about strangers in their midst, he argued. Pelton also shared an update on his efforts to find the warlord, Joseph Kony, the most wanted criminal in all of Africa.


In the latter half, contactee and UFO researcher Wilbur Allen spoke about his forensically documented sightings and his efforts to authenticate UFO anomalies. Many UFOs seem to materialize out of nowhere rather than fly into our airspace, which indicates they are entering our realm through spatial anomalies or wormholes that are created by the Earth itself, he stated. Allen said he catches UFOs using an extremely high ISO setting-- 102, 000 on his digital camera, which makes the images look like they are shot in daylight.

He photographed "green objects" in 2002, which he believes are the same as ones documented by various NASA Apollo crews, and also offered details about an enormous "band of light" encountered by a Japanese Airlines flight in 1986. Additionally, Allen contends that on nights that he photographs UFOs in the Washington DC area, there are cases of unexplained disappearances in the city. There have been some 500 cases of missing persons in the DC area in 2017 alone, he added. Yet, he doesn't believe that UFOs/aliens are hostile, and cited their luminous quality as indicating they are of extraterrestrial origin.

New segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Andre Eggelletion

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