Cattle Mutilations & Strange Sightings

Cattle Mutilations & Strange Sightings


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLinda Moulton Howe, Tim Ball

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed an alleged 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document, new cattle mutilations in Colorado, the intelligence and fragility of bird species, and morphing and screen memories associated with UFO sightings and abductions. A 47-page DIA document was leaked to radio host Heather Wade and contained information about Roswell and other UFO crashes. Yet the cover page, stamped with ULTRA TOP SECRET, bordered by the word 'Classified' was immediately flagged as a fraud by retired Navy professional Peter Capwell Thomas who told Linda that the titles and formatting didn't conform to other top secret documents he'd seen. Additionally, the "read and destroy" instruction made little sense, as recipients would not have permission to shred the document. More here.

There have been new cattle mutilations in San Luis, Colorado, near the New Mexico border, where there have been repeating cycles of animal mutilations since at least the 1960s. Both animals were cows with the same pattern of bloodless excisions that have been seen around the world, and each long-time rancher has had mutilated cattle before along with sightings of red-orange, fiery spheres over pastures, which seem to be associated with the timing of the mutilations. She spoke with the ranchers-- Manuel Sanchez and Herminio Martinez, whose properties are 10 miles apart, and they shared similar descriptions of surgical-like excisions with no evidence of tracks or predators.

As we're faced with the possibility of more than 20% of bird species going extinct, Linda interviewed Jim Robbins, whose new book, "The Wonder of Birds" demonstrates how invaluable the flying creatures are. He detailed how intelligent some species can be, such as ravens. In her fourth segment, she spoke with "Craig G." about his strange UFO sighting on the New Jersey Garden State Parkway involving an aerial object that morphed into something resembling a tree top, and then into a dark green mercury-like substance that seemed to be bubbling and alive. Later, Craig had a strange dream in which his deceased mother morphed into a Praying Mantis-type creature. Further info.

Climate Update

First hour guest, retired professor of climatology, Dr. Tim Ball, shared an update on climate change and global temperatures. He downplayed reports of record setting temperatures this year, and said temperatures were actually higher in 2016. While there has been a wider range of temperatures and weather in recent years, the world is actually going through a cooling trend, he stated. He also touched on seismic and volcanic issues, noting that an eruption of a caldera like the one at Yellowstone could have cataclysmic climate effects, such as what happened at Krakatoa in the 1800s.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Lauren Weinstein

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