Astrology of the Eclipse/ Open Lines

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Astrology of the Eclipse/ Open Lines

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During the first half, astrologer Mark Lerner discussed the astrology of the full solar eclipse across North America and the United States on August 21st, and what it might portend for individuals and the nation. The history of solar and lunar eclipses dates back eons, and the events were often associated with fear, and dark portents or omens. One reason for this, he noted, is that some people went blind as they didn't understand that you can't stare directly into the sun during an eclipse. Lerner expressed concern about people traveling to specific spots to view the eclipse in the US, and how these locations could be inundated with traffic jams and overwhelmed by the crowds, especially since Mercury will be going retrograde at that time.

The US stock market, which will be open during the eclipse, could be affected with panic buying and selling, as well as the solar power industry, which will literally be blacked out for a few minutes in many areas, he noted. Mars, the planet of war and volatility, reaches the eclipse point, a mere 13 days after August 21st on September 3rd, along with Mercury activating that point, and this could indicate issues of national security, power failures, and various calamities, Lerner cited.

On July 20th, 1963 there was a total solar eclipse that hit Saturn in JFK's chart, and this could have been an omen for Kennedy's assassination four months later, he continued. The ramifications for an eclipse, he explained, can affect the time period before and after the celestial event. For more, view his article Eclipse-Catastrophe: Why August 21 might not be so Heavenly.


During Open Lines, Vincent from Burbank, CA recounted how he was about to hire a woman from Oklahoma for a project, when she suddenly stopped communicating with him. It turned out she was murdered along with four other family members in a ghastly crime committed by two of her sons in Broken Arrow, OK. Frank from Hollywood, MD spoke about how he repeatedly sees 'Shroud of Turin'-like markings on the road that resemble the face of Jesus. 'Anonymous' shared details of being hit by ball lightning, and seeing strange craft along with close range alien creatures while living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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