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Predictions & Trends/ Billy Meier's Prophecies

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In the first half, business consultant and financial writer George Ure updated his predictions, his analysis of the economy, and social trends unfolding in 2017. In his last show appearance back at the end of 2016, he accurately predicted the time frame of the stock market high we are currently seeing. One of the reasons the market has been going up, he explained, is that the Federal Reserve has been cranking out money at an amazing rate. Ure has observed a new paradigm among the younger generation-- a kind of renting mentality, instead of owning, which is seen across sectors beyond housing. This is not a bad scenario when the economy is on the upswing, but when it tanks people could be in trouble, he suggested.

Ure expressed concern about America's electrical grid, which could be seriously damaged from something like an EMP attack. This may cause meltdowns at nuclear plants, which could lead to a cascade of hazards and public health issues, such as cities' water supplies being comprised. He also talked about his new ebook, The Millennial's Missing Manual, in which he imparts a set of knowledge that isn't typically taught in school. There are seven major systems in life, he says, including food, shelter, communications, energy, the environment, transportation, and finance, and they interact with each other in specific ways.


In the latter half, Michael Horn, spokesperson for famed UFO contactee Billy Meier, discussed more events unfolding which Meier predicted as far back as the 1940s, as well as his UFO photos and contacts. Meir traveled to India in 1964 and took some astonishing photos there, Horn recounted, including a bizarre "hologram of a cross, generated above Meier's head in New Delhi." Meier was cautioned by the Plejarens (his ET contacts) back in the 1940s about devastating earthquakes in central Italy and Europe, Horn continued, adding that this dovetails with some of the recent predictions of independent scientist Michael Janitch aka Dutchsinse.

Horn also detailed Meier's work on a book called the "Talmud of Jmmanuel," an ancient document said to be the basis for the Gospel of Matthew, which he and Isa Rashid purportedly found hidden inside a rock in Jerusalem's Old City. Meier conferred with the Plejarens on a translation/ interpretation of the work, and determined that Jmmanuel (Jesus) moved to India and married, after his crucifixion, said Horn. He also reviewed some of Meier's prophecies as relayed to him by the ETs, dating back decades, which warn over the possibility of a cataclysmic WWIII pitting Russia against the United States. For more, check out this recent Q&A with Meier.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Charles R. Smith

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