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North Korea Threat/ Astrology Cycles

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US Navy diver, submarine weapons technician, and espionage photographer for special operations aboard nuclear fast-attack submarines William Craig Reed earned commendations for completing secret missions during the Cold War, several in concert with Navy SEAL teams. In the first half, he outlined different scenarios of a North Korea attack, and though the world is focused on their land-based missiles, the real threat may come from their submarines. The North Koreans have about six submarines that are capable of launching nuclear missiles, and 40+ smaller subs that may one day be stocked with nuclear-tipped torpedoes, he cited.

Some of these are stealth submarines that can be hard to detect, he cautioned. North Korea could try to take out one of the vital "sea lanes," routes used by merchant ships, and this could put a real dent in America's trade vitality, he warned. He also spoke about issues facing the US Navy, their leadership, and how two modern US warships were recently involved in fatal collisions at sea. Reed is one of the founders of US4Warriors, a non-profit organization devoted to the welfare of the veteran's community.


A full-time astrologer since the 1990s, Virginia Bell has been a horoscope columnist and celebrity profiler for various magazines, networks and websites. In the latter half, she discussed the generational life cycles we all share at certain ages, such as the Saturn Return (the planet returns to where it was at the time of your birth), which comes around every 29 years. Saturn is a "do-something" planet involved in manifestation, and commitments-- at age 29, something shifts such as starting a family, a business, going back to school, or even getting sober, she detailed. Each planet has a different cycle, which reflects various growth stages in our lives-- for instance there is a Jupiter cycle that occurs every 12 years, and that, she believes, can be a time of great luck, and taking risks.

The planet Uranus, associated with freedom and individuation, makes a square in the astrological charts of people in their early 60s. "It's a time that the decisions you make will influence what kind of older person you become in your 80s," she explained. As new discoveries in the solar system are made such as the smaller bodies of Chiron, Sedna, and Eris, they can be associated with the qualities of culture and society that are present at the time of their discovery, she noted. For instance, the Chiron return, Bell said, occurs at age 50, and relates to going in a new direction, as well as forgiveness, and healing.

News segment guests: Scott Stevens, Andre Eggelletion, Steve Kates

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