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Accurate Predictions/ Weird Florida

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In the first half, founder of one of the largest marketing firms in Silicon Valley, sociobiologist Rebecca Costa discussed how we're on the verge of knowing most future outcomes and events using predictive models. She claims this knowledge of the future will be a larger transition for humankind than going bipedal. Predictive analytics, can for instance, estimate with 85% accuracy within three weeks of when an elderly person is going to fall. This is done by placing sensors in their clothing, and monitoring changes in their gait, she explained. This application could be used to notify the elderly of the danger, she added, and thus potentially extend their ability to live independently.

Similarly, by looking at a person's medical records and answers to behavioral questions, a company called Fuzzy Logic can predict with 80-90% accuracy who is predisposed to becoming an opiate addict even before a doctor has written them a prescription, she reported. Once the future is known, you can't wait to adapt after the fact, Costa remarked, adding that "pre-daptation" will become a valuable function in the years ahead. With new forms of technology, such as robotics (typically thought to take away many jobs), there are actually more new jobs created to work with the technology, and these are often higher paying, she cited.


The creator of Hellview Cemetery, a haunted attraction in St. Petersburg, Florida, Mark Muncy, has studied the legends, lore and paranormal in Florida quite extensively. He shared many of these fascinating tales of the Sunshine State including the Skunk Ape of the Everglades, Robert the Haunted Doll, and Coral Castle (view related images). He recounted his interview with a woman in Lake Wales, Florida, who in the 1940s, noticed fruit disappearing from their orange grove. They discovered it was a tiny naked man, about the size of a water bottle, who was nabbing the fruit. Apprehended by the police, the gnome-like man was screaming in a language they couldn't understand. The next night, their house was pelted with stones, and dozens of the little men appeared. When they released the prisoner, the other gnomes ran away.

Muncy talked about Wiccademus Grave, located on an abandoned nature trail in Fernandina Beach. It's said to be the burial site of an early colonist witch, who had a pet demon named Wiccademus. Legend has it that if you say the demon's name three times, the demon will give you a piece of its power. He also delved into the haunted Dozier School for Boys in the panhandle town of Marianna, and a sea serpent nicknamed "Pinky" that had a big shell on its back and was sighted in the St. John's River in the 1970s.

News segment guests: Scott Stevens, Jerome Corsi

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