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Ancient Mysteries/ Open Lines

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Damon T. Berry is a film director, screenwriter, and producer best known for writing and directing "The Knowledge of the Forever Time," a documentary film series that has presented a completely different history of mankind. He joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss some of the greatest mysteries, including the meaning of UFO sightings, why there are crop circles, and what is behind the Nazca Lines. He said that his latest film in the series was so difficult to complete that he will not be doing another. This is because he reports that someone or some group was trying to keep him from releasing it by intimidation, breaking into his home, stealing files from his computer, and even physically keeping him from mailing a copy to his distributor. Barry resorted to leaving an audio recorder running in his home. The recording revealed someone moving around his office and turning on his computer. He now believes that certain people have the "ability to come in whenever they feel like it."

Barry says the harassment continued even after the film was released on Amazon. He believes that there is a coordinated program to flood the listing with one-star reviews. He now thinks that "it was the worst decision in my life" to ignore warnings from UFO researchers that he would be subject to harassment. Barry believes (and has revealed in his films) that he has solved many mysteries by looking at them in new ways. He has discovered that UFOs hover in the formation of star constellations as a way to communicate to humanity, and that crop circles "contain really high technological information" for those that can decode them. Barry said that one of his first heroes was Carl Sagan, who he said inspired him by asking "What if?"


During Open Lines, Richard from North Dakota offered his opinion that the people who are harassing Barry are some group that are keeping us all from "opening something in ourselves" and that happiness and spiritual and material advancement "all comes down to belief." Danny in California believes that the root cause of the recent Las Vegas shooting was "anti-depressant pills" taken by the culprit. Stephanie called from New Mexico to relate a strange story of an "auditory haunting." She recalled a trip to Pompeii and a visit to the coliseum ruins there, where she heard the sound of lions roaring. No one else could hear the sound and others who she asked about it looked at her like she "was crazy."

Mocha from California said she believed that we might be the most advanced race in the universe. Jimmy replied that, cosmically, he thinks we are "about 21 years old." Howard called with the story of the son of a friend of his who grew up obsessed with death and horror movies and ended up working in a mortuary as an adult. He sponsored secret parties in the mortuary on Halloween until he was caught or perhaps scared out of the job by something he witnessed after one of the parties. Chris from Missouri said that shadow people live "in the 4th dimension" and "want to terrorize us and coerce us into depression or murder."

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