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Dream Interpretation/ Open Lines

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You wake up from a deep sleep, sweating, heart beating and afraid for your life. You just had a nightmare and while you're relieved it was only a dream, you wonder what it all means. Dr. Michael Lennox, practicing psychologist and one of the most respected and sought after dream interpreters, joined guest host Dave Schrader to discuss why we have nightmares and if your dreams are trying to tell you something.

Dream interpretation started with psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who dubbed dreams "the royal road to the unconscious," Lennox explained. "He found that he could make further progress in understanding what was going on underneath the surface of somebody's experience when they brought dreams to him," he continued. Lennox revealed how the dreaming mind will grab onto an image that is evocative for the dreamer in order to deal with certain existential fears.

According to Lennox, nightmares are cathartic and provide a release of anxieties and stress from waking life. "The unconscious mind will win no matter what because what's going on down there has to be expressed, and it will use any and every mechanism to release the stressors and tensions and conflicts that are going on embroiled beneath the surface," he said. Lennox took calls and helped listeners understand their dreams. He also suggested we are not separated from people who have passed on, noting his own mystical experiences which have convinced him paranormal phenomena may be real.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Leon in San Diego told Dave he once fell asleep face down and dreamed he was floating on the ceiling like a balloon filled with helium. Dave suggested Leon may have been in the beginning stages of astral projection. JD from Pensacola, Florida, recalled being in a state of sleep paralysis in a hospital room where she overheard a nurse talking about making a mistake that would lead to her termination. Upon awakening JD discovered she had been accidentally overdosed by the nurse and required a Narcan shot to save her life. Randy in St. Louis suggested Black-Eyed Children are from the demonic realm. "The reason why they show up in people's lives is a warning to them that if they don't change, they will experience them in eternity," he cautioned.

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