Ghost to Ghost 2017

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Ghost to Ghost 2017

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George Noory hosted our traditional "Ghost to Ghost AM" Halloween show, where callers shared tales of ghostly encounters and contact with the afterworld. Andrew, a police officer from Michigan, detailed an incident where he and a fellow officer out on patrol saw an extremely slow moving car in the wee hours of the morning, coming off the highway. They recognized both the car and the driver as a troubled teen they had arrested before. But then they realized, that she had been killed in the car two months before in a head-on collision. When they went after the car, it seemed to be suddenly gone. William, a Native American healer from Tennessee, detailed a case of a girl with night terrors from Ohio. It turned out that the girl had been given buttons from a Civil War uniform, and an entity was attached to them. By removing the buttons from the home, problems with the entity ceased, he reported.

James from Pittsburgh shared a story about his haunted childhood home. One evening the family was sitting around the dinner table eating spaghetti, when a 3-ft. wide painting on the wall suddenly hung in midair behind his father. Then, they heard a crash upstairs, and he and his sister went to investigate and saw a wine glass float in the air. Bruce in Tacoma said he was going to Bible College back in the 1990s, and went to visit a man who was possessed. They tried to burn his satanic book, and it wouldn't burn. Also a picture started "bleeding" and a wind came through the living room, and the man's eyes turned red.

Mickey in Dallas told a tale from his college days in the 1970s, when he was driving back home in the winter in a car with a leaky exhaust. He was tired so he pulled over to sleep and left the car running so the heat would stay on. He awakened to a man tapping on his window asking if he was OK. Mickey told him he was fine, but moments later, realized he was immersed in carbon monoxide and nearly died. When he went to look for the man to thank him he was nowhere to be seen, but he noticed there was a small family cemetery across from where he'd parked. He believes the man was a spirit or guardian angel. Mary from Snowflake, Arizona detailed events from 1974 in her Oregon dorm, where a girl had hung herself. They saw a golf-balled-sized light moving about, and heard a disembodied sobbing, and wailing a number of times in the middle of the night. George closed the program with his rendition of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart.

Battling Demons

First hour guest, author, lecturer, and paranormal expert Bill Bean discussed some of his most evil and disturbing cases, including exorcisms and deliverances he's performed. In one incident in Pennsylvania, he went to check the house for demons after he "delivered" a possessed woman, and saw an entity, a black form with glowing red eyes in a corner. As he said "I bind you and command you to depart," the being let out an ear piercing screech that could be heard throughout the surrounding area. In the case of a soldier with PTSD in the Seattle area, who fell victim to demonic possession, Bean said "God worked with me to help him," though it will be an ongoing case, because the PTSD complicates his recovery. For more, view photos Bean shared with us.

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