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UFO Secrets/ Open Lines


HostJimmy Church

GuestsPeter Levenda, Open Lines

Author Peter Levenda joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his collaboration with Former Blink-182 member and UFO researcher Tom DeLonge, and his work speaking with officials at the highest levels of government, military and industry who hold secrets to some of the most intriguing questions about UFOs and our universe.

Since becoming involved in this [DeLonge] project... I've received confirmation of things I thought were true or things I experienced myself," Levenda said, noting the confirmation has come from people in the highest levels of the government and military. As an example, he pointed to former senior intelligence officer with the US Department of Defense, Luis Elizondo, who claims UFOs are real and his department was charged with monitoring them.

Further proof of the reality of the UFO phenomenon came when Levenda was discussing topic with a room full of people who either had or currently maintain high-level security clearances. "[They were] discussing this like it's normal to discuss it... and they're not talking about proof... they're now trying to understand it," he reported. According to Levenda, the UFO phenomenon is real, humankind has been contacted, and we must now move on to the bigger issues of figuring out what this contact means and where we go from there.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of program. Carlos from Carson, California, expressed his skepticism in an alien presence while acknowledging the reality of UFOs. "What drives my skepticism... is the fact that the Rockefellers made some grants to several ufologists, including Zecharia Sitchin," he said. Carlos suggested the Rockefellers and other elite families have a vested interest in convincing the world aliens exist in order to create a one world government under their leadership.

Howard in Vancouver, Washington, sided with guest Peter Levenda on the reality of UFOs and their alien origin. "I think that people who have observed UFOs, who've actually seen them, know that we're dealing with a technology that is based on principles that we probably haven't even imagined yet," he said. Tom from Sacramento said he witnessed a unknown aerial craft that flies backwards, shifts to vertical flight, makes no noise, and shuts down electronics. "It came down within an eighth of mile at eye level and sat there," he said, adding that he had another UFO encounter last night but did not want to discuss it.



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