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Moses Ma is a business visionary who has led a diverse professional life spanning academia, science, technology, philosophy and business. A legendary game designer who created two of the world’s bestselling computer games, he joined Lisa Garr (email) in the first half to discuss the future of the internet. Ma recalled visiting a Buddhist psychic in southeast Asia in the 1980s who told him that he visualized "millions of people connected by a machine." Armed with this insight, Ma returned to the U.S. and eventually helped to create the Top Gun video game in 1987, and later, some of the first internet video games. Ma is now interested in the concept of block chain networks, which he believes will change the way that all business is done by creating computer networks that rely on millions of host computers rather than a few servers. In this way it is theoretically uncontrollable by any single person or group, and is not vulnerable to attacks or failure.

Ma said that concept that has been proven with the success of bitcoin which is an example of a block chain network. This is because any attempt to control the value of bitcoin would automatically decrease its value. As an example of the usefulness of this idea, Ma mentioned that UK musician Imogen Heap has already released a song using a blockchain model, which entitles the buyer to the entire architecture of the song, allowing them to remix or use any aspect of the composition. The inherent structure of the purchase automatically pays the composer every time the song is used in any format. He concluded that "blockchain will have a greater impact on humanity than bitcoin has had."


Drawing on her profound spiritual knowledge and sensitivity, Debra Silverman (who is Sting's personal astrologer) seeks to help people see beyond their perceived flaws – to find the ‘true’ self. In the second half, she spoke about fusing psychology and spirituality, offering ways to embrace and make peace with ourselves so that we can become more powerful and effective human beings. Looking at the recent events in the U.S. and around the world, Silverman declared that "we’ve been through massive changes, and it’s only just begun." She said that the astrological birth chart for America before the last election showed her that the country would actually be ill if it was an individual person.

She believes that we are headed for more change in 2018 when she predicts that "the Earth itself will be in revolt." From 2018-2019 Silverman also foresees the "destruction of our old world as we know it," although she is not sure which form it will take. She also indicated that this tumultuous time was foretold in astrology as a period where the government will be forced to evaluate the truth about itself. Silverman also talked about the characteristics of personalities ruled by Earth, Air, Water and Fire archetypes and how we are all combinations of these characteristics, although she says one always dominates. In the last hour, Silverman also performed informal astrological readings for callers. She reminded listeners that the age of 29-30 is "when your life purpose comes into focus."

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