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JFK and UFOs

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the release of JFK assassination records; the Watergate break-in; long-time employees of the CIA; and the Majestic-12 group's involvement of the killing of President John F. Kennedy. She described the background of the assassination and the participation of CIA head Allen Dulles, who was fired by Kennedy in November of 1961. She said that Dulles was also the head of the secretive MJ-12 group, which reportedly had control of all UFO information, including public disinformation as well as back-engineering of captured alien technology, and that this is a vital clue as to why JFK was killed.

Linda interviewed researcher/ producer Daniel Lizst, who mentioned that around the story of Lee Harvey Oswald and those he was in contact with, there is "often UFO information." He described the background of the power struggles during the Kennedy administration, including the fact that the Deputy Director of the CIA under Dulles (who was also fired by JFK) was Earle Cabell, who’s brother was mayor of Dallas at the time of the assassination as well as a CIA asset. He also mentioned the investigation of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison, who attempted to expose what he believed was a conspiracy behind the killing and found "a government within a government" and was convinced that the aerospace industry was involved as well.

Linda then shared a recording of her interview with lawyer Douglas Caddy, who was a friend and confidant of CIA operative and convicted Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt. Caddy said that in 1975, just before Hunt was about to start serving his jail sentence, he mentioned that Kennedy was killed because the CIA thought he was going to give "our most vital secret" to the Soviet Union. When Caddy asked him to reveal what this secret was, Hunt said "the alien presence," then shook his hand and walked away. Linda and her interview subjects further outlined a web of evidence that suggests in order to prevent the threat of nuclear war, JFK was attempting to share advanced aerospace technology with the Soviets, including concepts gleaned from captured UFOs, and that Dulles and others were determined to prevent this at any cost.

Continuing her talk with Lizst, he described a little-known figure named George Joannides, a CIA psychological warfare expert who was living and working in New Orleans the summer before the assassination. Lizst described how Joannides provided financial support to right-wing anti-Castro groups and also helped to build the impression that Oswald was a radical Communist. He also mentioned how Oswald was so fluent in Russian that his Soviet wife at first thought he was a native speaker, which was odd for a man who was supposedly a simple private in the Marines. He concluded that the assassination was meant to be a show of power by the Deep State at the time, because it was carried out "in broad daylight on a public street." More here.


In the first hour, UFO researcher and experiencer Darryl Anka (who is singer Paul Anka’s cousin) discussed two UFO sightings that he says led to his channeling of the extraterrestrial entity known as ‘’Bashar." Anka described what kind of scientific and metaphysical information Bashar’s messages contain, and how open contact with ETs in the future could impact our society. Soon after his two close encounters, Anka attended a class on channeling where he says he first established contact with the entity which he was to know as Bashar. Channeling this entity (which he says is a alien/human hybrid) is like "getting a translation of his thoughts" and consists of messages that are designed to help the planet. Anka said that Bashar is about 300 years old and that we are "genetically related" to his race, which is why they want to help us.

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