Cryptocurrency/ Flat Earth

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Cryptocurrency/ Flat Earth

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In the first half, former rocket scientist with NASA, and the "Godfather of Bitshares," Stan Larimer joined Connie Willis (email) to discuss why he believes the future of money is in the world of crypto currency and the blockchain. Larimer believes that "the dollar’s days are numbered" and much, if not all financial activity in the future will be transacted in electronic currency because it is based on the idea of decentralization and transparency. Blockchains are networks of interconnected computers that are managed by what Larimer calls "honest robots," which operate on the concept that no one can hide their activity. The ultimate goal of this system, and others developed by Larimer and his son Dan is "to take things out of the hands of corruptible humans and put it in the hands of incorruptible robots."

Larimer said that the most reliable crypto currency is built around a decentralized model, meaning that no one person or entity has control of the network. He believes that is the problem with Bitcoin, the most famous form of digital currency. The creation or "mining" of bitcoin is now performed by four computers that can process the complicated algorithms the fastest, which Larimer called "a never-ending arms race" and a "force onwards centralization." He also warned that large financial institutions are trying to get control of digital currency, which goes against the core philosophy of the bitshare system. He summarized his efforts as an attempt to offer a alternative when all transactions are conducted with a one-world currency, which he sees as a likely future.


In part two, Mark K. Sargent discussed his breakthrough work on the Enclosed Earth Theory. He outlined a long list of visible physical clues that point to the idea that Earth is actually a ‘’Truman Show’’ type enclosed system stretching thousands of miles wide. Sargent said he began with an interest in conspiracies after seeing the movie JFK in the early 1990s, but eventually suffered from what he referred to as "conspiracy boredom." After seeing an online video of air routes across Antarctica, he began to question the concept of the Earth as a globe. Sargent mentioned the current story of stuntman Mike Hughes and his attempt to ride a steam-powered rocket over the California desert town of Amboy to prove a flat Earth was almost a surprise to him and other activists, since he originally approached them simply as a source of funding for his stunt.

Sargent discussed the history of Antarctica and a decision that was made (and signed into by treaty in 1958) that the continent would never be used for private gain or owned by any country. This, even after famous explorer Admiral Richard Byrd (who flew countless missions there for over 30 years) said that the land was so rich with resources it was practically made of money. Sargent says that in 1956, the United States and the USSR "found the outer marker" in Antarctica that marked the edge of the world, which he sees as a disc covered by a vast dome that we see as the sky. The power structure believes that this secret must kept at all costs. He says that ships disappearing over the horizon on the ocean is an illusion and that if you have a telephoto lens that is powerful enough, objects can still be seen. He also expressed his opinion that the Sun and moon are objects suspended under the dome of the sky, and that meteorites are fired in shallow trajectories by some automated system.

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