Negative Spirit Influence

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Negative Spirit Influence

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Spirit possession, attachment, poltergeist activity and the negative impact of obsession are contemporary issues that demand serious academic research, according to hypnotherapist Dr. Terence Palmer. He joined Dave Schrader (email) in the second hour to discuss dealing with negative spirit influence. Palmer said he "was working as an ordinary hypnotherapist" when some of his patients began to show strange symptoms that seemed like cases of multiple personality disorder. He believed that some of these were actual spirit possessions and began investigating methods to rid victims of this influence. Palmer believes that people under this negative influence have happened on the situation by spirit deception and coercion which is "like a salesman selling you what you don’t really want." He sees this as an eternal struggle between good and evil spirits, who use humans as "pawns in this battle." His Spirit Release Therapy attempts to relieve patients of these attachments by strengthening the "spiritual immune system."

First hour guest, ghost tour guide Keith Scales shared tales of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, sometimes called "America's most haunted hotel." Scales has organized an event called ESP Weekends which invites all who are interested in paranormal investigation to visit the hotel. This year, the theme is trying to ascertain what makes some people more psychically sensitive than others. The hotel is "a limestone building on a limestone mountain" which was built in 1886, and was haunted even during construction. Scales told the story of "Michael," one of the workers who was showing off for a woman to get her attention and fell to his death. It is said he died near what is now room 218. His spirit seems to be attracted to women as he was in life, as more activity seems to occur for female guests. Both Scales and Dave agreed that hauntings may be more like slips in time than the spirits of dead people coming back to visit, and that the ghosts in the hotel "seem to enjoy the attention" as Scales said, actually becoming less malevolent as more investigators came to research the building.


The last half featured Open Lines. George in Washington State suggested that quantum mechanics can act as a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific. He thought that getting to the center of the problem was "like dealing with an onion" with all of its layers. Miguel in California believes there are two types of spirit attachments: Possession and oppression, and commented that "whatever you say or whatever you do can open or shut gates for evil spirits." Michael called from California as well and spoke about his work with Native American guides dealing with spirit possession and said, "If you don’t experience it, you don’t quite have the full effect."

Linda wrote in by email to tell Dave about her experience with a project manager at Boeing who occasionally appeared to have voices coming from him that were not his own. Lynn from California told Dave that she believes the truth of your life is literally a gut feeling when she remarked that "Your digestive tract tells you the path of your life." Michael in Mississippi said that he has had a lifetime of experiences with spirit entities, including his pets, who seem to stay with him after they have passed on. Murray called from British Columbia with a personal experience of hearing voices in his head that seemed to transfer over to him from a woman he knew who was afflicted with them. He said he had to pray to get them to stop, which they did.

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