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Giants, Chemtrails, & Transhumanism/ UFOs & Faith

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In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his latest work on giants, concerns over transhumanism, and how geoengineering and weather modification have played a role in the current extreme weather conditions. At his upcoming conference, "Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age," Quayle will be displaying replicas of giants with elongated skulls (view images) that were said to exist in pre-Flood times. These ancient giants were somewhere between 24 to 30 ft. tall, he marveled. He believes that the Smithsonian Institution has skeletons and relics of giants found in such places as the Grand Canyon but has maintained a cover-up of their existence for many years.

Quayle expressed concerns that genetic technology could be used to revive the giant species, possibly as military super-soldiers. He also warned that with advancements in AI and robotics, transgenic and transhuman beings (a kind of substitute species for humanity) will be possessed by the evil disembodied spirits of the original giants. As one of the first to speak out on the radio about the dangers of chemtrails or geoengineering, Quayle said the covert weather control program has been stepped up, and includes laser climate control, and weather war efforts by the US Defense Dept. According to his CIA contact, chemtrails are designed to create a "primordial atmosphere" to "control the flow of evil entities." For more, check out Steve's video The Mars-Earth Wars.


Gary Bates is an Australian who now heads up the U.S. office of Creation Ministries International, and is one of the few evangelical Christians who researchers UFO phenomena. In the latter half, he discussed his new film, Alien Intrusion, which takes a look at UFO sightings and alien abduction. Bates suggested that the idea the extraterrestrials are visiting us from other planets, and secretly abducting humans does not cohere with his Christian belief system. Rather than ETs, he argues there are other-dimensional visitations and encounters, in which beings can manifest themselves physically, sometimes creating negative or traumatic situations.

These interdimensional or supernatural beings have always co-existed with us, he cited, and split off from the original creation as fallen angels. The Bible indicates that a spiritual battle is taking place between supernatural beings, Bates added. For more, view a recap of his previous show appearance.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Steve Kates

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