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Ouija Board Mysteries/ Dream Interpretation

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In the first half, author Karen A. Dahlman discussed the mystique of the Ouija board and how it's a tool that gives users permission to communicate with the unseen dimensions. Ouija, which is a trademarked name is also known as a talking board or spirit board and the device dates back to the 1800s. Interestingly, a 'Witch Board,' produced in 1886, was given to President Grover Cleveland as a wedding gift, she reported. The boards themselves are neutral and have no special powers, she said, but they can serve as a conduit to the user, connecting them with the gifts they already have in communicating with other realms. She countered the notion that evil is associated with the Ouija board. Still, she cautioned that people should use the board respectfully, and be in a neutral or elevated mindset rather than a negative state.

As an experiment, Dahlman and a second person used the board blindfolded, with a third person transcribing the letters. The planchette moved around quickly and spelled out a healing message to a witness in the room named Layla, from her deceased sister. Dahlman did not even know that Layla had a dead sister at the time. The vast majority of her communications, she added, are with sentient beings such as angels and guides, rather than departed spirits. She also has interactions with celestial and interdimensional beings that curiously, view us as the "extraterrestrials."


In the latter half, researcher and paranormal investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley talked about different types of dreams and their interpretations. When it comes to prophetic or precognitive dreams, the dreaming mind, she noted, is not bound by time, and can pick up on forces that are shaping events. This type of dream could be seen as a forewarning or preparation, she added. Signal dreams tend to occur when someone is wrestling with a difficult decision or dilemma and offer clarity or solutions that come in the form of a symbol. "We can incubate these kinds of dreams," she said, "by setting an intention before we go to sleep."

When looking at interpretation, dreams are saying something symbolically about what is going on in an individual's life, and may address unresolved issues, she cited, while nightmares can function as a kind of warning or alarm bell about imbalances or problems. The symbols that our dreams use, she explained, come from what we have visually experienced such as from TV, movies, and our own life experiences. It is possible to receive actual visits from the deceased in one's dreams, Guiley suggested, as dreaming consciousness puts one in a kind of bridge world, where it's easier to make contact with the dead.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Peter Davenport

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