Disaster Preparedness/ What's Making us Sick?

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Matthew Stein, Sydney Ross Singer

In the first half, author and mechanical engineer, Mat Stein shared his expertise in what individuals can do to prepare for worst case scenarios including disruptions in central services. The recent erroneous alert of an impending missile attack in Hawaii, he pointed out, has renewed interest in preparedness. A missile could drop a bomb and destroy a target or part of a city, or it could unleash the bomb in the atmosphere and cause an EMP effect, destroying electronics. A dirty bomb, he continued, is when radioactive material is added to conventional explosives and can contaminate a wide area. Another scenario, he cited, is a nuclear plant meltdown, where a containment vessel becomes damaged, and radioactive material leaks out such as what happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Prepping requires casting a wide net, said Stein, as "you need to have food, you need to have medicines," as well as clean water, and access to alternative medicines, with things like a colloidal silver generator. He outlined different practical strategies depending on the threat. In the case of a nuclear blast that you are downwind of, you should seek shelter in an underground area or basement-- the dangerous radiation dissipates incrementally over a 48-hour period. If you are near a dirty bomb explosion, you should use a HEPA filter in your house, and be careful when disposing of it a day or two later, as well as drink only filtered or bottled water. Lay low for at least a day before trying to escape the area, he added. More tips are posted here.


In the latter half, medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer discussed the many ways our culture and lifestyle are making us sick, including updates on cell phone use, breast cancer, and thyroid function. His focus, in particular, has been on how the wearing of bras may be associated with breast cancer and other ailments, as the constrictive garments can interfere with lymphatic flow. There are some healthier bras recently patented, he reported, that are based on the research in his groundbreaking book on this topic.

Regarding cell phone dangers, the radiation from the devices has been classified as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization since 2011, he noted. Nickel allergies have become widespread (related to the nickel content in phones and other devices) and can cause dermatitis, he added. Singer also talked about the problem of migraines. As a preventative, he suggested keeping one's head elevated while sleeping, such as with an adjustable bed or specially designed pillows or cushions.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Stan Deyo, Steve Kates

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