Sydney Ross Singer

Sydney Ross Singer


Sydney Ross Singer is a medical anthropologist. He received a Bachelor's of Science in biology from the University of Utah in 1979, spent two years in the biochemistry Ph.D. program at Duke University, followed by another two years at Duke in the anthropology Ph.D. program, receiving a Master’s Degree. He then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston, Texas on a full academic scholarship. Sydney is pioneering a new field of health research, called Applied Medical Anthropology, shedding light on the many ways our culture is making us sick.



Past Shows:

  • Acrylamides in Our Food / Fallen Angels & Aliens

    Medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer revealed that certain foods are riddled with dangerous acrylamides. Followed by podcast host Scott Mitchell on fallen angels and aliens.More »
  • Disaster Preparedness/ What's Making us Sick?

    Mat Stein shared tips on preparing for disaster scenarios. Followed by Sydney Ross Singer on lifestyle choices that can make us sick.More »
  • What's Making Us Sick?

    Medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer discussed the many ways our culture and lifestyle are making us sick. People are raised to be ignorant about how the body works because our society wants us to seek out "experts" when we have a problem, and become consumers of their...More »

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