Oil Company Secrets/ Depression Epidemic

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Oil Company Secrets/ Depression Epidemic

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Minister Lindsey Williams obtained executive access to oil company documents as a chaplain to the workers building the Alaskan oil pipeline in the 1970s. In the first half, he shared his insider knowledge (through a contact he's maintained from that era) of what the Global Elite have planned for the world. The Elite or New World Order (NWO), he said, were quite confident that their candidate Hillary Clinton would handily defeat Donald Trump, and were shocked when she lost. His victory was due to an intervention from God, Williams asserted, and because of this, the NWO has been set back years from their agenda.

But now the Elite are using Trump's business-friendly policies to increase their wealth and power, he continued, adding that they plan to "panic up" the stock market to around $35,000 or $40,000 before getting out prior to a big crash. One of the best investments will be in America's oil production, which is far outpacing the Middle East, Williams cited, adding that according to his contact, there is enough natural gas and oil in parts of Alaska to supply the United States for 200 years.


In the latter half, columnist for the Independent in London for over ten years, Johann Hari, discussed the current epidemic of depression. Depression is not generally caused by a chemical imbalance, he uncovered in his research, and that's why pharmaceutical antidepressants stop working for patients, as it did for himself when he was prescribed Paxil. Hari found nine main causes for depression and anxiety-- two of them biological, and the other seven are related to the way we live. Some of these conditions, he pointed out, are rising in our society such as loneliness and lack of meaning and connection.

One of the most significant sources of mental health problems may stem from people's employment-- a survey indicated that 24% hate their jobs, and 63% are just sleepwalking through them. A program in East London for depressed/anxious people in which they developed underutilized land into a garden was found to be successful in turning lives around, he reported, as was a similar experiment in Norway that was said to be twice as effective as antidepressants. If you're depressed or anxious, that's not a sign of craziness, Hari remarked. "That's a sign that your deepest needs are not being met."

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Dr. Peter Breggin

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