Benefits of Meditation/ Other Side Communications

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Benefits of Meditation/ Other Side Communications

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Dan Harris is a correspondent for ABC News and the co-anchor for the weekend edition of Good Morning America. In the first half, he talked about his efforts helping average people add meditation to their daily lives, to maximize their potential and reap such benefits as lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and literally rewire parts of the brain. Harris advocates for a kind of mindfulness meditation, in which a person sits with their back straight, monitoring their breath and thought process, noticing when they are distracted by thoughts. After his first book on meditation, he discovered that many people were resistant to this practice, so he set off on a cross-country road trip to find out what the obstacles were for most Americans.

One of the main excuses he heard was that people just don't have time to meditate. "The good news is," he said, "I honestly think five to ten minutes a day" can be quite worthwhile for people, allowing them to accrue many of the benefits demonstrated in scientific studies. The other biggest obstacle to meditation is that people say they have great difficulty clearing their mind. "The goal in meditation is not to clear your mind, impossible. The to focus your mind for a few nanoseconds at a time; usually it's on the feeling of your breath going in and out, and then you will inevitably get distracted," he explained. The realization of the distraction is a victory, he continued, as this reveals how the thought process functions, and helps the meditator wake up from their "auto pilot" reality. For more, check out the 10% Happier app and podcast.


Intuitive medium, author, and educator Geoffrey Jowett is helping others on their journey of enlightenment by recognizing that each of us is an eternal and infinite part of God and that our sole purpose in life is to perpetuate divine love. In the latter half, he discussed his abilities as a medium, and what he's learned about spirits and the afterlife. His strongest connection is through clairaudience, or auditory intuition, in which he hears the voice of spirit, and gathers feelings from that. Spirits, he noted, often seek to help others (particularly those in their soul family) get past barriers or obstacles in their lives, such as those built around emotions, or beliefs. And through these progressions, the spirits learn through us and evolve, he added.

We are all part of source, and have unlimited potential beyond the physical, Jowett said, and there's an infinite aspect to ourselves. He specializes in "soul progression" readings, in which he gets a sense of a person's soul agreement, past lives and karma. "It's interesting to look at disease within a family because there's an association" beyond the physical, he remarked. For instance, if within a family they have a lot of issues with self-esteem and self-respect you can see diabetes, liver, pancreatic cancer, intestinal problems-- "they're very specific to that area of the body," he pointed out, citing the work of one medical intuitive who has stated that the 'physical body is your walking bibliography of everything you think, feel, believe and do.'

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Lauren Weinstein

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