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Former CIA officer and security specialist Jason Hanson is a sought-after expert on safety and survival. He never imagined that the same tactics he used as a CIA officer for counterintelligence, surveillance, and protecting agency personnel would prove essential in every day civilian life. In the first half, he shared tips about self-defense and security issues. One of the most significant concerns he sees nowadays is that people are so often wrapped up in their technology (such as texting into their phones while walking) that they're leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks, and not paying attention to possible dangers in their environment. "Far too many people are zombies," he commented, "and they just need to unplug."

People are more susceptible to being tracked when they post their activities on Facebook, and other social media, he cited, and this could allow a burglar to know when they're not home. Cyber threats and hacking are also on the rise, said Hanson, who suggested that if you're using public Wi-Fi such as at a cafe, you could install a VPN program to decrypt your data and prevent it from being viewed by others. He also talked about the "tactical pen" as a self-defense tool. It functions like a regular pen but is made of a much harder metal and has a point on the end. It could be used to smash a window, as well as to fend off an attacker.


Contactee Judy Carroll's mission is to be an interplanetary ambassador, introducing clarity and understanding of global events and guidance on how to heal our future. In her previous life, Carroll said she was a Grey ET or Zeta, and now sees herself as a "blended soul," serving as a bridge between humans and ETs. According to her communications, around 4 billion years ago, "Star Elders" came to Earth and mixed their DNA with primitive life forms, yielding a number of human species that emerged at different periods. During the time of Atlantis, she continued, a rebel faction of the Draconian ETs and their related hybrid offspring hijacked the evolutionary process, and "interfered with the DNA enhancement process."

This hijacking has caused a major blockage for millennia, as these Draco or "Repterran" beings have continued to reincarnate and carry out their agenda of control and disinformation, she stated. The Repterrans sometimes stage fake alien abductions with bio-robots they create to resemble the Greys, Carroll revealed, adding that the Repterrans are also planning a false-flag "alien invasion" to increase fears around ETs. Interestingly, there are about 30 different types of Greys, she noted, with lifespans running from 300 to 500 years. For more, check out some of the imagery she shared with us.

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