Demon House/ ET & Otherworldly Encounters

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Demon House/ ET & Otherworldly Encounters

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Paranormal researcher Zak Bagans (along with his crew) purchased a supposedly haunted house in Indiana only to be overwhelmed by a demon possession case that some have called the "next Amityville." Joining Dave Schrader (email), Bagans discussed why he destroyed the home after seeing and witnessing too many bizarre and demonic episodes of pure evil so that "nobody would ever be able to live there again." Bagans said he originally became interested in the house when he heard about officials who had been so traumatized by dealing with the issues around it that some quit their jobs or moved out of state. He bought the property "over the phone" and began his investigation. He soon found that everyone who had contact with the house was affected as if the place had "a contagious disease." There were illnesses, runs of bad luck, and other forms of oppression. A security system installed in the home failed twice and the automatic settings constantly changed or failed.

Bagans also discussed his Haunted Museum, which recently opened in a Las Vegas mansion he purchased specifically for the purpose. In it, he showcases many historical and bizarre objects he has collected over the years, including the van used by the infamous Dr. Jack Kevorikian for those who requested his assisted suicide service, and some items from the boat where actress Natalie Wood spent her last night alive. Bagans believes Wood "is not at rest" because her death has never been satisfactorily solved. He also claims that the captain of the boat told him some facts about the case that he was not able to air on his Ghost Adventures series. His said that part of his motivation for these explorations is that he’s "always had a little danger in me."


In the second half, futurist, visionary author, and producer of a new film documenting ET and otherworldly encounters, Caroline Cory, who has her own history with the supernatural, shared her journey to uncover whether these reports may be evidence of a greater phenomenon at work. Cory began with recalling her childhood at about the age of five, when she first realized that she could see and sense "subtle energies" around everyone she met. As she grew up and developed this talent, she says that she began to realize that the energies are "like a story" and that people like her can see the consciousness of others and the colors, shapes, and movement of these visible energies, which reveal their inner lives.

Cory has produced a film entitled "E.T. Contact: They are Here" featuring the stories of those who have been contacted by non-humans. The film has won multiple awards at mainstream festivals and consists of interviews with and stories of those who claim a connection and communication with aliens or other entities, and according to Cory, is "about contact in the wider sense." She also says that care was taken to conduct on-camera experiments to prove some of the concepts presented. Cory said that the experiments involved testing the "frequency and conductivity" of a DNA sample during a period where there was an attempt to connect it spiritually to an angel. She claimed that the sample showed a 400% increase in conductivity during this period. She is helping to develop more tests and see if others can replicate the findings. Cory said that she hopes the film will help "the folks who are just starting to look into this subject to keep an open mind."

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