Remote Viewing & Dowsing/ Spatial Portals

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Remote Viewing & Dowsing/ Spatial Portals

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In the first half, remote viewing instructor and dowsing practitioner Paul H. Smith shared updates and detailed how he was inducted into the military's Star Gate program. As a teacher of remote viewing, he believes it's crucial to pass on the skill to a new generation. Interestingly, he recently taught actor Rob Lowe and his two college-aged sons how to remote view for one of the episodes of the A&E TV series The Lowe Files, which explores various types of paranormal phenomena.

Remote viewing, he noted, can be used in a number of different ways such as to enhance intuition, as well as to guide investment strategies. "In my most recent Associative Remote Viewing class, we actually used bitcoin as our targeted event, and we were successful several times in predicting the direction it moved," Smith reported. He also talked about targets that he's remote viewed or dowsed, sometimes in tandem with a group: The Ark of the Covenant (it's underground and undisturbed), the location of Amelia Earhart (results correlate with new findings), ETs (appeared like maintenance workers), and the far side of the Moon (had artificial structures).


Third-hour guest, contactee and UFO researcher Wilbur Allen spoke about new evidence for spatial anomalies or portals opening in Earth's atmosphere, as well as his forensically documented UFO sightings. The portals could also be located on the ground, he suggested, and may be associated with the mysterious disappearances of people. As a contactee, Allen said that the aliens instruct him where to go to photograph or video record their activity (view related videos), with the objects often repeating their appearance over consecutive nights.

Open Lines

In the last hour, George featured Open Lines. Notorious caller J.C. Webster returned to the airwaves, saying he was on the run because the Russian mob and KGB were after him. Critical of President Trump, he offered to counsel Stormy Daniels and find out what she knows about the Russians.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Capt. Kelly Sweeney

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