Prophecy of a New Cold War/ Ancient Sound Harmonics

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Prophecy of a New Cold War/ Ancient Sound Harmonics

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In the first half, author John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm. According to his analysis of Nostradamus' "doomsday" quatrains, he believes that a new Cold War was started with Russia on March 1st, and he considers this to be his most important prophetic message in four years. Russia has perfected weaponry making anti-ballistic missile systems obsolete and can neutralize threats from America, which mimics the previous Cold War. He cited October 2021 as a particularly crucial and difficult time for humanity, with the possibility of economic collapse, and a nuclear confrontation between the US and Russia. If we pass that dangerous period, the nuclear threat could reappear in 2031, he said, adding that we could see "a karmic echo of the Cuban missile crisis triggered by something in the Middle East."

Hogue also speculated that the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS for short) of Saudi Arabia could be a potential MABUS, the code name Nostradamus used to hide the true name of his foreseen Third and Final Antichrist. MBS has one thing other Antichrist candidates have lacked in recent years, he remarked. "He has the full support of what could potentially in the future be called another axis of evil. It's an axis of supremacist military-linked businessmen who want to keep destabilizing the world to stay alive," through generating more wars. For more, see his recent article.


In the latter half, researcher Douglas Stearns argued that the ancients had access to advanced sound technology, which is expressed in the similar architecture and building techniques seen in Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Indian, and other cultures separated by time and distance. The ancients were masters of resonance and vibration, changing sound frequencies to alter the atomic forms of matter, he hypothesized, and this was how they created levitation or antigravity technology such as when the Egyptians moved giant and numerous blocks of stone to build the pyramids.

Stearns referred to such manipulations with sound as the science of cymatics and pointed out the divergence between musical tuning A440 and A432 frequencies, which have different effects on humans (related video). He also suggested that Earth, Mars, and a planet that was once between Mars and Jupiter, were all colonized by humans from a different solar system (this is one of the premises of his 'Harmonic Wars' novels).

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