Mysterious Disappearances/ Cellular Memories

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Mysterious Disappearances/ Cellular Memories

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David Paulides has been researching mysterious disappearances in U.S. national parks for over a decade with cases having eerie similarities. In the first half, he joined George Knapp for an update on his recent investigations, including a number of instances where skiers have inexplicably gone missing, both current and in the past. 21-year-old Grant Cox, just released from the military in 1947, went skiing at Sugar Bowl Ski Lodge in California and vanished without a trace. A second search was done after the snow melted, and there was no sign of his ski poles or any of his equipment. Disappearing in 1988 in Rocky Mountain National Park, 27-year-old German tourist Rudi Moder also went missing while skiing. A soldier, he'd received advanced mountaineering and high altitude training while in the German military. A search found his "food cave" and pack but no fresh tracks. The next summer, Paulides recounted, another search was conducted, but the team found no trace, though oddly they heard "1942 German sonar-type sounds near Lulu mountain."

The strange disappearances strike an inordinate number of those with German heritage, he cited, including a group of physicists who were visiting the US. Recent cases of skiers disappearing, include Toronto fire captain Danny Filippidis, who vanished earlier this year while skiing at Whiteface Mountain in New York. He resurfaced in Sacramento, with no memory of his whereabouts from February 7th to the 13th. German businessman, Karl Haub, disappeared last month while skiing on the Matterhorn. A billionaire, "you know they threw every resource in the book trying to find him, and they didn't," Paulides reported.


Medical intuitive and author Sherry Anshara followed in the latter half. She discussed her near-death-experiences (NDEs) which helped her develop the Anshara Method - a process that reveals how cellular memories often hold the root cause of symptoms or problems. During one of her NDEs, after a car mishap, she ended up 15 feet underwater in Connecticut. She found herself with twelve separate beings, who communicated with her telepathically, informing her that she had to return to her physical existence, as she had a "contract," and that she would be able to teach people how to heal themselves.

The body is a continuum-- there is no such thing as a past life, only the moment, she declared. "One of the tools I teach is NEO-- non-emotional observer," she continued, as it's the "emotional body" that makes us sick-- I call it the "issue in the tissues"-- traumas or incidents that people may hold onto from an early age, perhaps subconsciously. Patients are often referred to her by medical professionals, she said. While she "can see inside their bodies," Anshara does't give them answers-- her methodology helps patients get to the core of the problems themselves in a short period of time, she explained. During the call-in portion, she demonstrated how she works with clients.

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