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Autoimmune Disease/ Natural Disasters

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In the first half, holistic health care professional, Dr. R.E. Tent addressed the history of the relationship between cancer and the polio vaccine, and why he believes the epidemic of autoimmune diseases plaguing humans is the result of overexposure to various viruses. Tent recalled that his mother "fired the doctor" who treated him as a child, and proceeded to heal Trent from a debilitating disease by herself. His research indicates that polio vaccines introduced in the 1950s were dangerous because they had adulterants, DNA and other diseases from the animals that were used to grow them, and in some cases, actually contained active polio viruses. He also believes that the vaccines precipitated "a cancer explosion" in the generation who were exposed to them.

Trent suggested a number of anti-cancer dietary guidelines, such as taking mega-doses of vitamin D, cumin or tumeric, drinking green tea, cutting back on processed sugar, and eating broccoli and kale. He also believes that having the proper oils and fats in your system, as well as a high amount of vitamin C, prevents most disease by allowing the immune system to perform at its best. Trent doubts that a cure for cancer will ever be found, because, he said, "there is more money in trying to control it." During the last hour, Trent addressed callers’ health questions and offered solutions.


Research Associate at the Seismological Laboratory of Caltech, Dr. Lucy Jones is known as the "Earthquake Lady." In the second half, she discussed her decades of earthquake research, as well as the history of natural disasters – from Pompeii to the California floods of 1862 to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, and how we should prepare for those to come. Jones’ father was a scientist in the Apollo program, which inspired her to go into the sciences as a career. She was the instigator of an earthquake awareness and preparedness project called "The Great Shakeout," which has spread worldwide and included over 55 million people. There is no real way to predict big earthquakes, Jones remarked, because "anything that happens before a small earthquake also happens before a big earthquake."

The source of a disaster can come from many natural disruptions, and Jones pointed out that "every significant city has a ‘big one’ in their future," be it from floods, storms, wildfires, or earthquakes. She said that volcanic eruptions are relatively easy to predict, since days, or even months before an event, there are many telltale signs, such as ground movement or the sudden release of gasses, which indicate that the underground magma is beginning to move. Some earthquakes are so violent they can "exceed the force of gravity." Jones recalled one temblor in Santa Cruz, California where a grand piano was found upside down. She concluded that in any given disaster, most people will survive, but the question is how many would perish in the aftermath due to lack of preparedness.

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