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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach addressed alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. Reacting to a new study on longevity and personal habits, he declared that if a person eats one meal per day of processed meats like bacon and pepperoni they are at the same risk of certain types of cancer as someone who smokes two packs of cigarettes a day. When people are overweight or obese, Wallach continued, they're actually nutritionally deficient, and their cravings lead them to overeat in a search for things their body needs.

He spoke out against the use of statin drugs, which he believes are associated with Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's (which he said is caused by a cholesterol deficiency). In the case of a person with low blood pressure and foot edema (swelling), he suggested eating more protein, and putting a 2 x 4 plank under the feet of the front of the bed, so that the legs can be elevated during sleep. A woman phoned in complaining of tachycardia, which Wallach believes is related to a back rather heart issue, specifically degenerative disc disease that leads to pressure on the spinal nerves causing the heart to beat faster.


Colin Campbell has been studying and teaching elements of magical practice for over twenty-five years with a particular emphasis on Thelema, giving lectures at both the local and national level. In the latter half, he discussed the rites and rituals of the often-misunderstood tradition of Thelema, an occult religion or spiritual philosophy developed by Aleister Crowley. Coming from the Greek word for "will," Thelema, Campbell explained, focuses on discovering what your true life purpose is, and then proceeding to do it without hesitation.

The difference between want and will is key to Thelema, he added, noting that wants are fleeting, whereas the will has to do with one's life passion. Campbell detailed aspects of Crowley's controversial life and his legacy organization O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis), which is devoted to Thelema, and the principle "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." He also talked about his research into the brilliant 16th century occultist John Dee, and his forays into Enochian magic, angelic communications, and alchemy.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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