Dangerous Oligarchs/ Narcissism & Codependency

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Dangerous Oligarchs/ Narcissism & Codependency

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Macmillan Publishers editor Robert Gleason has written seventeen books --six of them on nuclear terrorism. He discussed current geopolitical entanglements, as well as the plot of his new thriller, The Evil That Men Do, which deals with the dangers of oligarchs taking over the planet. Eventually, "power and wealth concentrate in fewer and fewer hands," he said, and we see the deleterious effects of that on democracy. About the 1/3 of the world's GDP is secreted into "black hole offshore tax havens," but in Russia, Putin and his cronies have stolen over 100% of their country's GDP, Gleason stated.

The super-rich today, he continued, "make their money exploiting people in ways that have no redeeming social value," like hedge funds, predatory casinos, and "global debt derivatives" that they chop up and sell to people who don't understand what they're buying. This uncontrollable greed is destroying humanity and "it really is like straight out of the Book of Revelation," he observed. Regarding the news of possible peace in Korea and a pending deal, Gleason believes there's no way to truly know if Kim Jong-un will not be hiding some of his nuclear weapons in North Korea's elaborate mountain-tunnel system.


Psychotherapist Ross Rosenberg is an expert in codependency, narcissism, and trauma. In the latter half, he detailed the symbiotic relationship between pathological narcissists and codependents. These two types may appear normal on the outside, but the codependents are often privately suffering from mental abuse and degradation at the hands of their partner, he explained. "Gaslighting," he added, is one method that sociopaths or psychopaths use to manipulate a targeted person into thinking they have a problem that doesn't actually exist. They alter the environment to try to prove the problem, and after succeeding with that, they've trapped the person under their control.

Such narcissists aren't even aware that they have a problem, Rosenberg noted, and they, along with the codependents, have typically been molded by their childhood experiences and upbringing. To help codependents get out of these toxic relationships, they need to be deprogrammed from the lies the narcissist has made them believe, and build up their self-esteem, he said, adding that he created the diagnosis "Self-Love Deficit Disorder" to describe their situation. For more, check out Rosenberg's YouTube channel.

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