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Global Elites/ Cover-ups & Mind Control

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In the first half, expert on national security and foreign affairs, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis, U.S. Army (retired) discussed the role of the globalist elite and their efforts to achieve world dominance. Globalists come from corporate, academic, and government sectors, he cited, and they've been identified with the acronym W.E.I.R.D.-- westernized- educated- industrialized- rich- and democratic. Their agenda is for a one-world government, he said, adding that they're feudalistic and seek to dictate how we live. "They don't want sovereign countries," he continued, "they want the removal of borders," and centralized control.

The election of Donald Trump, however, has "upset the apple cart," and indicates that all is not lost in the fight against the globalists, he noted. The "Deep State" is engaged in a campaign against Trump and uses media manipulation, Maginnis suggested. The globalist takeover of economies, government, and culture has happened gradually, such that we're like the proverbial frog in boiling water, he warned.


Before resigning from the US State Department in 2004 due to excessive secrecy demands, Fred Burks served many years as a language interpreter for presidents and other dignitaries. He interpreted for G.W. Bush, Clinton, Gore, Cheney, and many other top officials of the U.S. and other countries. In the latter half, he detailed government cover-ups such as the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control program, which exploited numerous individuals, as well as attempted to develop "Manchurian Candidates." During WWII, the Nazis were perfecting mind control techniques like splitting people's personalities, and there's substantial evidence, Burks stated, that after the war, the CIA brought Josef Mengele to the US to train personnel in these techniques.

Mind control programs, he continued, did not end with the cessation of MK-ULTRA. But it's not just a problem in the United States, he said. "The Russians have it, the Chinese have it, various factions of the power elite have it, and they use it against each other." Burks, who now serves as a kind of "compiler of Deep State information" (see his page on mind control), also talked about UFO cover-ups, and technology secrets, as well as conspiracies associated with 9-11.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Teeka Tiwari, Lucy Jones, Steve Kates

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