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Diet & Disease/ Nessie on Land

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In the first half, professional nutrition specialist and COO of Skywatch TV, Joe Horn, discussed how processed foods for both humans and pets are contributing to epidemic levels of chronic disease and early death. After enduring various physical maladies over a twenty-year period, he concluded that he was suffering from 'Leaky Gut Syndrome' that was caused by toxic ingredients in his diet. He also pinned the "blizzard" of autoimmune diseases on this problem as well. Meats with preservatives along with GMO foods, are particularly damaging to the body's digestive system, he cited.

He listed a variety of gut healing foods and supplements including Bragg's apple cider vinegar (taken 30 minutes before a meal), bone broth, aloe vera juice, and turmeric, and recommended avoiding drinking water out of plastic bottles that leach chemicals. Horn also talked about the poor practices of the mainstream pet food industry, and how some of their products actually contain euthanized cats and dogs rendered into pet foods. The FDA doesn't do an adequate job regulating against this, he added.


Roland Watson lives in Scotland and has been a long-time researcher of the legends and evidence for the Loch Ness Monster. For centuries, people have claimed to have seen a strange creature swimming in the murky waters of Britain's biggest body of water - Loch Ness. However, a small but sensational number of these witnesses have claimed to have seen the same creature lurking on the beaches, and on land surrounding the Loch. In ancient folklore, there were descriptions of supernatural "water horses" on land near the Loch. In the modern era, these type of reports of 'Nessie' began in 1933, he noted, when on a hot summer's day in July, a witness said he saw what looked like a "prehistoric creature" crossing the road in front of him.

In 1934, a motorcyclist named Arthur Grant said he saw a 25 ft.-long creature with a snakelike neck, and webbed flippers moving on the beach of the Loch under the moonlight. It was said that investigators found tracks of a creature after Grant made his report. Farmers in the area have reported their sheep go missing, and some suspect that Nessie-type beasts grab them to devour during their forays on land.

During the last half-hour, George played his recording of the "The Inexperienced Ghost," a short story by H.G. Wells.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Catherine Austin Fitts

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