Space-Time Distortions & The Paranormal/ Open Lines

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Space-Time Distortions & The Paranormal/ Open Lines

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George Noory welcomed paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren for an update on his new experiment connecting space-time distortions with the paranormal. Warren reported he had recently been introduced to a new piece of tech equipment called a Time Rate Distortion Meter, which can measure time speeding up, slowing down, or standing still. The device's sensitivity allows it to detect time changes of 1/100,000 of a second, he added. According to Warren, time-space distortions play a role in encounters with ghosts, UFOs, and cryptids, as well as psychic phenomena.

Ghosts are usually seen out of their place in time, UFOs have been known to stop time, and cryptids often mysteriously disappear by changing points in space-time, he explained. "You can take this thing to an area where paranormal phenomena supposedly exists, and you can actually measure whether or not there is a time-space distortion at that particular area," Warren said. He plans to do preliminary tests with the new meter next week. Warren also gave an update on Robert the Haunted Doll, and shared a story about Robert apparently moving on his own to save himself from a flood.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Matt, truck driving through Ohio, phoned in to share paranormal experiences which took place in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, where he lived with his family in a house that once belonged to his wife's grandfather. Matt recalled the night his three-year-old daughter told him about a friend in the house with whom she communicated. The description of her friend matched his wife's grandfather perfectly, he explained, noting his daughter never met him. Matt said he showed his daughter a photo of his wife's grandfather and she confirmed he is the one in the house.

Janet from Indiana told George strange things have been happening to her for the past 12 years. "I have an entity that bothers me every night... at the end of my bed," she said. According to Janet, the entity starts stirring around at the bottom of the bed just as she is ready to fall asleep. She expressed concern about the situation as she has had a string of bad luck, which she suggested could be related to the entity. Janet revealed she'd had shaman work done but it did not resolve the issue.

The final segment of the show featured a replay from 2/18/15, when Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin discussed the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis / Mish Shedlock / Peter Davenport

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