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Alternative Energy Devices/ Churchill's Mavericks

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In the first half, Doctor of Engineering Physics, Tom Valone, discussed his work in zero point energy, Tesla technology, magnetic motors, free energy, and bio-electromagnetic healing. He enthused about a number of devices and machines related to these alternative forms of energy. A spiral magnetic motor he's working on is intended to provide mechanical torque for an auto engine, he reported, but in its initial stages could work as a charger for electric cars. A handheld "ATP Turbo" light therapy device makes use of red and near-infrared LEDs to energize or rejuvenate a person's cells. More on this device and other healing technologies at

There's an ongoing competition to make water out of thin air, and MIT has presented promising technology that extracts water out of the atmosphere. Valone noted that even 100 years after Nikola Tesla's discoveries, his ideas are still decades ahead of our time, such as wireless transmission to power. He also talked about his participation in the new documentary Calling All Earthlings, about the contactee George Van Tassel and his Integraton dome, which incorporated Tesla technology and has been said to be a "time machine" of sorts.


Author of narrative nonfiction, Giles Milton, relies on personal testimonies, diaries, journals and letters to tell the story of critical moments in history, recounted through the eyes of those who were there. In the latter half, he spoke about the ingenious dirty tricks used to fight the Nazis by people hand-picked by Winston Churchill, a group he called his Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Milton explained that this type of covert sabotage and assassination was something new for Britain, and was needed given the dire circumstances.

One of the crew was Cecil Clarke, a highly creative and eccentric engineer, who designed and built new weapons of guerrilla warfare-- one was a special bomb used to assassinate one of Hitler's favored officials, Reinhard Heydrich, while he was traveling in an armor-plated Mercedes. Another cited by Milton was William Fairbairn, who though elderly and heavyset, was an expert in training team members in parachuting behind enemy lines and "silent killing." Milton noted how this man-on-the-ground saboteur approach was often more precise and effective than air attacks.

News segment guests: Robert Zimmerman, Mish Shedlock

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