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Alternative Health/ Maori Cosmology

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In the first half, registered pharmacist and nutritionist Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts and offered tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and lifestyle. Reacting to a recent study that shows coffee may boost longevity, he noted that it's an excellent source of magnesium, iron, and antioxidants. In regards to an email question about the use of LDN (low dose naltrexone), Fuchs reported that the drug has shown some benefits for people with chronic pain and autoimmune issues.

One of the hidden causes of liver problems is taking certain prescription drugs, he stated, adding that digestive enzymes can help detoxify the liver. Fuchs touted some of the benefits of apple cider vinegar including aiding weight loss, and diabetes. It's high in acetic acid, he said, which has a calming and healthy effect on the body. Connective tissue degeneration is behind a number of ailments, he continued, and chicken bone broth is particularly useful in building connective tissue and strengthening the immune system.


Laird Scranton writes about ancient mysteries, cosmology, and language. In the latter half, he discussed Immanuel Velikovsky's controversial theories about our solar system, as well as New Zealand's Maori cosmology and how it relates to classic ancient symbolic traditions. The Maori are a Polynesian culture whose language and cosmology is shared by island groups all across the Pacific, he cited, and interestingly they preserve a closely-held esoteric tradition that shares many of the same attributes as those of the Dogon, and ancient Egypt or India.

Scranton traces a path of the origins of Maori cosmology all the way back to Gobekli Tepe in Turkey around 10,000 BC, following into India with the Tamil before the emergence of Hinduism and Buddhism. Further, the Maori language is formulated on the same phonetics as the language of the Dogon tribe in Africa - so much so that meanings of Maori words can be inferred based on Dogon and Egyptian phonetics. Regarding the ideas of Velikovsky, he proposed that Venus formed when a large body collided with Jupiter, and the planet may only be thousands of years old. Further, recent information has shown that Jupiter's Great Red Spot was large enough to eject an object the size of Venus during an impact event.

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