Wildfires, Animal Mutilations, & UFO Abduction

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Wildfires, Animal Mutilations, & UFO Abduction

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe returned to her monthly slot on C2C. In her reports, she discussed the ferocious 2018 wildfire season, FBI documents withheld on past animal mutilations, and a storied UFO encounter from 1973. The Mendocino fire in California is the largest ever in that state, now exceeding 400,000 acres, which is more than half the size of Rhode Island. The fire has been unstoppable and is expected to burn to the end of August. In her first segment, she interviewed climate authority Kevin Trenberth from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, who connected the increased heat on the planet to drought and dry conditions that are conducive to massive wildfires, not only in California and the American West, but also in such places as Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Further details here.

Next, Linda spoke with John Greenewald, producer of The Black Vault, who has received through FOIA a series of FBI documents about cattle mutilations from 1979 to early 1980, which had never surfaced before. The documents proposed that the animals had been airlifted by Bell 47 helicopters, but according to Retired USAF Major David Aiken such craft could not bear the weight of these heavy creatures. Why did the FBI use this explanation as a cover? "I think that the FBI knows outright that they can’t explain this mystery," said Greenewald, and it may be "something much more sinister that they know that they can’t readily identify." More here.

In her third segment, Nebraska rancher Alex Petersen, who has raised Angus most of his life and has suffered nine eerie, bloodless mutilations of his valuable cattle since 2013, reacted to learning about the FBI's 1979 spurious effort to explain away animal mutilations. In 2016, on the same night that the 9th mutilation occurred with a bizarre and large bloodless rectangular cut on a pregnant cow's belly, Alex and his wife were both astonished by a bright white light that flashed in the night, lighting up their bedroom and turning off their automatic yard lights.

Calvin Parker recounted his abduction in the Pascagoula incident of 1973, telling Linda of seeing an 80-foot-diameter egg-shaped craft from which three large "robots" emerged and rapidly came toward him and his fishing buddy Charles Hickson. The robots had skin like a manatee, grey and wrinkled, he noted. Aboard the craft, he found himself being examined by a smaller being he perceived as female, who telepathically communicated with him when he was considering attacking her in order to escape. Parker is coming forward with his version of the story after keeping silent for the last 45 years. He believes we could be on the verge of a new alien revelation on the planet.

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First-hour guest, technology and privacy expert Lauren Weinstein talked about the latest tech stories in the news. Regarding Donald Trump's complaint about search engine coverage, he noted that whatever he's said most recently tends to get picked up and amplified, and this usually includes the President's off-the-cuff tweets. On the subject of haters and trolls on the Internet, Weinstein suggested that people behave differently when they are perceived to be anonymous, and they may feel disenfranchised in their everyday lives, and acting out on the Internet creates a sense of empowerment for them. He also talked about the importance of net neutrality-- if that is completely lost, it will allow the giant ISPs to have total control over what goes on the Internet, he cautioned.

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