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Bigfoot Recordings/ UFOs & Rebel Thought

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In the first half, Ron Morehead, adventurer, author, and Bigfoot expert joined George Knapp to discuss how he witnessed, recorded, and had vocal interactions with a family of giants, commonly referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. He shared audio recordings known as the Sierra Sounds, made between 1972 and 1974 that many say have changed the world of Bigfoot research. During the early 70s, he participated in a group that studied the stealthy creatures around a campsite in California. In 1974, near a creekbed, he caught a glimpse of one of them, which was moving at an inhumanly fast speed. The vocalizations, some of which include whistles, ape-like sounds, and "language" were analyzed by the University of Wyoming, and a crypto-linguistics expert. Listen to one labeled "Fast Talk."

One analyst found five different octaves heard in a singular note; something said to be impossible for humans or other known creatures, Morehead cited. Another clip, titled "Agitated," features loud, disturbing vocalizations that the crypto-linguist believed represented an argument between a male and a female, perhaps over food. Regarding DNA samples, it's possible that the creatures may be hybrids and contain some human DNA, he remarked, adding that there are a lot of reports connecting UFO sightings to Bigfoot.


It's okay to rebel against our conventional beliefs and challenge our own inner thought process by examining our cognition, memories, and media literacy, according to author and music journalist Michael Damante. In the latter half, he presented a call to arms to the common populace and UFO community to come together to better understand the unexplained, science, belief, and mythology. He compared ufology to punk rock in that they share a mentality of rebellious thought, and standing up for the underdog.

Damante addressed how people's preconceived notions sometimes prevent them from accepting facts and evidence if they don't fit into their worldview. He has found abduction accounts such as Betty Andreasson's, and hypnotically regressed alien lives from Dolores Cannon's Keepers of the Garden fascinating in the way they dip into both religion and mythology. He also mentioned his interview with the director of the documentary Love and Saucers, which presents a compelling case of an abductee who makes detailed paintings of his alien encounters, and his conversation with Professor Jeffrey Kripal about people's paranormal experiences which date all the way back to the Bible.

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