Planet Nine, Climate Change, and Strange Fog & Beings

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Planet Nine, Climate Change, and Strange Fog & Beings

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed 'Planet Nine,' climate change, strange fogs or ectoplasm, and an unexplained sighting. The first week of October brought new headlines about the hypothetical Planet Nine and its connection to a newfound dwarf planet nicknamed "Goblin" located in the Kuiper Belt surrounding our solar system. Linda interviewed astronomer Michael Brown, Ph.D. at USC in California, who suggested that Planet Nine could be 20 times further out than Neptune, and similar in size to that gaseous planet. This planetary body that some have referred to as Planet X is not the same as 'Nibiru' that Zecharia Sitchin and others have reported, which Brown doubts even exists. "If it (Nibiru) were really coming, it would be so bright that you could see it with binoculars...We wouldn’t be able to have a NASA conspiracy keeping it secret, and it would have been visible to every backyard astronomer." More here.

The Arctic and Antarctica ice are melting faster than ever recorded by humans before. At least five American states are now coping with street flooding on a chronic basis due to sea level rise. Hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, and thunderstorms now have more water in them and more consistently higher wind speeds because the average global temperature of our planet is rising. Linda spoke with Prof. Drew Shindell, the lead author of a report from the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC), which pointed out that the next ten years are crucial in how the Earth's nations handle this issue. Further details.

In her third report, she looked at anomalous grayish white moving "fogs" or "smoke," some of which showed up on her YouTube video streams, without explanation. Could the puzzling substance be a deceased parent or child or pet animal that somehow can return to Earth, if only briefly, from an after-life dimension?, she pondered. She interviewed Charles Hazard, who described a mesmerizing encounter with a misty gray fog that was accompanied by luminous hieroglyphs. He also detailed "psychic dreams" with strange "praying mantis-type" entities. More here.

For centuries, oil painting artists have depicted odd, oval-shaped craft in ancient skies that contain a human-like figure that seems to be observing people on the earth below. Linda spoke with Tony Lee Guy, a retired USAF Staff Sergeant from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who related his encounter with such a craft and being that came down out of the sky to 30 feet from where he was watching out a window when he was four years old. He witnessed a "Christ-like" figure in a gown from within the glowing sphere or orb.

Odd Synchronicities After a Death

First-hour guest, financial advisor, author, and researcher Jonathan Gabriel Raskas recounted a series of unusual synchronicities and coincidences that came in the wake of the suicide of his son Ralph. His son had been given a drug called Reglan (metoclopramide) to treat an episode of food poisoning, and his mental condition declined after that, Raskas reported. Some of the coincidences concerned numerology, such as the sending of a text from Ralph to his father at 11:11, and how the number 22 began to resonate with Jonathan. He also cited synchronicities with an Uber driver, balloons, and bedroom lights that came after Ralph's death, which led him to conclude that the past, present, and future are intertwined.

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