Sounds from the Other Side

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Sounds from the Other Side

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Spirit communication researcher Steve Huff joined Connie Willis (YouTube Channel) for all 4 hours to share more creepy sounds from the Other Side. Huff utilizes special devices which allow him to communicate with spirits, including his own Portal White Light Box. According to Huff, the light spirits see at death goes away after a set amount of time (a few days) and if they do not enter it before it vanishes, they are left earthbound. The Portal White Light Box allows Huff to help these stuck spirits cross over. Huff also uses a Panasonic DR60 digital audio recorder, which he claims is the only commercial recorder capable of directly connecting with spirits to get real-time EVPs. The recorder gets audible answers 95 percent of the time, he estimated.

"I know for a fact that death is not the end," Huff continued, noting his communications with those on the Other Side are definitive proof of the soul's eternal nature. As evidence he played a clip from a random session where he could feel an energy surrounding him. When asked who would like to come through a voice replies, "all from heaven," followed by "children." Huff admitted evil spirits had been creeping into his sessions at home, including what he described as a demonic succubus. He could not play what she communicated to him because the recording contained objectionable content, but he did capture a clip after he told the evil spirits they were not welcome in his home. A voice responds, "have to think of that," then "and not pursue."

Huff presented audio from a session captured around 3:00 in the morning, after he felt an evil presence begin to come through. His guide told him he needed protection and informed him an angel was coming to help him. In the clip, Huff asks if an angel was really sent to which a voice replies, "angels on the way." During another session, Huff asked a spirit if he had ever read the Bible. In the audio, a booming sound can be heard followed by the response, "in a previous life." Another clip revealed how much Huff has assisted spirits during his work as the being informs him he is "awaiting a former friend," followed by "and you help." "I'm always trying to help them, so they verify sometimes," Huff said.

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