Was JFK Jr. Assassinated?

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Was JFK Jr. Assassinated?

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Was the death of JFK, Jr. (whose plane went down off the coast of Massachusetts in 1999) an accident or the result of an assassination? Professor of American history, John Koerner joined Richard Syrett to present evidence of a conspiracy to murder the only surviving son of President John F. Kennedy. He considered the motives that many in power had to make sure he never set foot in the White House. Koerner emphasized that JFK Jr., who was piloting the aircraft, had flown the route 17 times already, and five times at night (which is when the crash occurred.) He also said that the incident took place in a "clear sky" and more significantly, that at least three witnesses reported "a bright flash and heard an explosion."

Koerner expressed his suspicions about the method in which the investigation was handled, and what the searchers found. He reported that there was a large debris field, which would not have been the case if the Piper Saratoga aircraft had simply fallen into the ocean. Further, Koerner said that the bodies from the crash were not recovered intact, and unlike JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy, JFK Jr. was cremated in a private ceremony. Koerner also feels that the search of "five days to find the bodies doesn’t make sense" considering the small area where the aircraft went down.

As for a motive for an assassination, Koerner said that JFK Jr. was about to sell his magazine George, and embark on a political career, with the White House as the eventual goal. Part of the reason, Koerner believes, is that he made it his "life’s goal" to get at the truth of his father’s assassination, and would have opened up a full investigation as President. The CIA, who many conspiracy researchers point to as the agency responsible for the killings of both JFK and RFK (and a possible attempt on their brother Ted) may have hated the Kennedy family because of their perception that JFK had sabotaged the Bay Of Pigs invasion in 1962. "The conclusions I made," said Koerner about his book, "were all based on facts and evidence and research."

Catastrophic Fires

In the first hour, fire expert Ed Komarek offered his opinion that the wildfires in California are not caused by climate or directed energy weapons as some have claimed. The main culprit, he argued, is the United States Forest Service and their philosophy of preventing fires at all costs. This he said, suppresses the natural occurrence of fires which clears out all the dead wood and other fuels that have caused the rise of catastrophic events such as the recent mega-fires in California. "Farming and the industrial age separated us from the natural world," said Komarek, and made us forget the wisdom of the Native Americans, who used controlled burns to keep the forest floor clear of the dangerous buildup of undergrowth.

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