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Remote Viewing Insights/ Afterlife Mysteries

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Major Ed Dames has been off the radar for some time during 2018 due to ongoing high-priority Remote Viewing projects that he says have, unfortunately, revealed several catastrophic future events that are heading our way in 2019. In his words: "If you thought that my accurate prediction regarding the Japanese nuclear disaster was frightening, then prepare yourselves for what's in store for America." In particular, he believes that a quake on the level of Fukushima will hit the New Madrid Fault area of the US (as he predicted back in a March 2011 show), causing many human casualties.

He talked about his recent work on the Sasquatch/UFO connection, using images of the Silver Star Mountain Sasquatch as a remote viewing target. They are real lifeforms, he explained, essentially dropped into earthly locations by some technology that we cannot entirely comprehend, and when they disappear, they are pulled back by this technology. Dames shared his plan to make a type of alien "first contact" at a California location in April of 2019, based on parameters discovered in remote viewing. He also touched on the Killshot (a cataclysm involving solar flares he stills sees in our future), and concerns about a possible "false flag" event staged by the "Deep State" to try to maintain the power of their "petro dollar."


Grief educator Christina Rasmussen is the founder of the Life Reentry Institute. In the latter half, she shared her journey unraveling the mystery of the afterlife and life beyond life. Though she was an experienced counselor who helped clients deal with bereavement issues, it wasn't until becoming a widow at a young age that she delved into what happens when a person dies. She contends that people can bypass psychics and mediums, and communicate directly with departed loved ones through their own consciousness. While grieving over her husband, she saw a brief apparition of him along with a young boy. Later their babysitter reported seeing the apparition.

Rasmussen developed a method she calls the "Temple Journey," changing the vibration of consciousness so that one can go deeper into another dimension and be reunited with the deceased. It's not only the living who seek communications from the deceased, but the dead often wish to share last words and concerns with those still alive, she has learned. The spirit or soul can live in other universes and reincarnations, Rasmussen mused, yet she believes that the consciousness or essence of a deceased loved one can be present when we need it to be.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Dr. Peter Breggin, Steve Kates

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