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Jesus & ETs / Angelic Interventions

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In the first half, former minister for the Assemblies of God Church, Jeffrey Daugherty discussed the origins of Jesus and his message, as well as UFO and ET imagery associated with his birth. According to his interpretation, the text in the New Testament about Jesus' birth from the time of the angelic announcement through the events at Bethlehem "is one weird ride." It sounds exactly, he said, "like some of the guests you have coming on and talking about ET visitations and being taken and paralyzed. It has all of the hallmarks of the classic UFO/ET abduction scenario."

This doesn't mean there is no God, Daugherty clarified, and he believes the heart of Jesus' message is that we are not born with original sin, and we all have the spark of divinity within us. He finds it significant that a divine or powerful supernatural presence went out of their way to intervene in the birth of Jesus, as well as in earthly affairs.


Longtime morning drive radio host in Cleveland, Ohio, Trapper Jack has for over 18 years been compiling stories of synchronicities and coincidences which defy logic and statistics. In the latter half, he shared Christmas miracles and angelic interventions. "There are so many encounters with angels," he said, including "people who feel their influence and hear their voices." A hospice worker named Robert in Peoria, Illinois began seeing angels at his very first holy communion at age 7, Trapper recounted. Robert is utilized at hospices to be with children at the end of their lives and helps families understand angelic encounters they may have during the dying process.

On Orthodox Easter, every year at the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem, fire comes out of Jesus' burial site and spontaneously shoots around the room and lights other lamps and candles throughout the church, Trapper reported, adding that the event is called the Miracle of the Holy Fire. He also recalled amazing incidents in which people's lives were saved in near automobile accidents by interventions in which stuck steering wheels suddenly moved on their own, as well as an episode where two cars were on a collision course and magically passed through each other unscathed.

As part of his Christmas tradition, George played Detroit broadcaster Lee Allan's reading of A Letter from Michael at the end of the show.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Dr. Peter Breggin

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