NDEs & Paranormal Investigations

NDEs & Paranormal Investigations


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDawn Clark, Susan Masino

In the first half, teacher and futurist Dawn Clark discussed her two NDEs, a visit to a stargate, her father's counterintelligence experiences, and how the sciences and spirituality are intersecting and evolving each other. In her first near-death-experience, which occurred at age seven during a swimming pool accident, she traveled into a beautiful cloud bank and was shown a universal language or energy that spanned all of humanity. After that, she realized that trauma in people's lives resonates in a specific energy signature across cultures, which she could read.

In her second NDE, a few years later, during a life-threatening surgery, she was taken to a "celestial garden" that vibrated with love, and learned that people's spirits are born into bodies that contain built-in trauma on the ancestor/DNA level. When she traveled to an ancient stargate or portal in the remote southern reaches of Peru, called the Gate of the Gods, she found herself engulfed in a giant beam of white light and transported forty years into the future, where she connected with knowledge of new possibilities for humanity. Clark said her father had "cosmic clearance" while working for the CIA, and shared classified information with her before he died in 1984, such as how a Russian espionage program bred people for psychic abilities while programming them as sleeper agents.


In the latter half, author and rock historian Susan Masino spoke about her latest research in the world of the paranormal, life-after-death, and synchronicities, as well as her career writing about rock 'n' roll and bands such as AC/DC. She's concluded that "universal laws" such as karma are an important aspect to our lives, and that reincarnation is real. When her son was four years old, after watching the movie, Titanic, a flood of memories were triggered, and he started making detailed drawings of the ship and declared that it was "stupid mistakes" that caused it to sink. Earlier he'd had specific memories of working on a railroad in Wyoming.

She recounted some of her ghost investigations including the haunted Bobby Mackey's MusicWorld Nightclub in Kentucky, which was the site of an 1890 beheading. The place did seem to contain negative energy, she reported, and at one point on the dance floor the whole room spun for a second and her friend's voice sounded like it was in slow motion. During some late night filming in the basement, one person felt like they were pinned up against the wall by an invisible force, she added. Masino also traveled to the battlefield in Gettysburg (she believes in a previous life she lost a son in the Civil War) and felt an intense heaviness, and blood in her mouth.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Dr. Peter Breggin



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