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Starting at the age of 15, John Greenewald, Jr. was struck with a curiosity that led off a lifelong journey. For more than 20 years he has dug deep to uncover the US government's most closely guarded secrets regarding UFOs through his project The Black Vault. Joining guest host Ian Punnett (Twitter), Greenewald discussed what he has learned about Roswell, Project Blue Book and other secret UFO cases uncovered through his FOIA requests. "The information within tells an amazing story of a cover-up, of lies, of deceit, and it spans decades and decades, and there's no way around that," Greenewald said.

The government wants people to believe there was nothing to the Roswell incident, but they have not been able to adequately explain what happened there in the decades since, he explained. According to Greenewald, there are numerous discrepancies, including information on crash test dummies (which didn't exist in 1947), the alien bodies at Roswell Army Airfield, and various date inconsistencies from witness accounts. "The cover-up when it comes to Roswell is so blatant and careless you can't help but think... there is something way more interesting than what they want us to believe on this," he suggested.

Project Blue Book was not a legitimate scientific investigation as documents indicate its intent was to explain away the phenomena, Greenwald disclosed. Case files clearly show an agenda to lower the amount of unexplained cases, he added. Greenwald pointed to letters in a batch of Project Blue Book documents found by researcher Rob Mercer, none of which are in the government’s official archives. The correspondence between Project Blue Book heads Hector Quintanilla and J. Allen Hynek reveal how much Hynek wanted past cases re-evaluated. "Hynek realized that they were just slapping explanations on cases, not for scientific reasonings, but rather to bring those statistics down," Greenwald reported.

Smiley Face Killers Update

In the first hour, reporter Nicole Weisensee Egan provided an update on the Smiley Face Killers (Related Article). According to investigators, the Killers are an organized group of semi-autonomous cells in cities across America that target specific types of people to murder by drowning. They communicate on the dark web and leave behind a smiley face or other gang symbol at the crime scene, she explained.

A cursory investigation by the FBI concluded the majority of cases appeared to be accidental drownings, Egan reported, noting the agency likely did not wish to contradict local law enforcement. "What better way to disguise a murder than a drowning," she said. Egan revealed some bizarre details about these cases, including a victim found dead standing upright in the water, another who phoned a friend about being pursued by people he did not know, and the first victim, 21-year-old Patrick McNeill, who witnesses claimed was being followed by a car after leaving a bar on the night of his murder.

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