Einstein the Crystal Skull

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Einstein the Crystal Skull

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Carolyn Ford, guardian of the crystal skull known as Einstein (related images), joined guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss how she found Einstein, and why this skull is so important and valuable. Einstein weighs an impressive 33 pounds, stands about 14 inches tall, and produces a palpable feeling for those who come in proximity of him. "There's a dignity about Einstein and a presence which commands a certain amount of respect," Ford said, noting when she first met him she did not know anything about ancient crystal skulls. Ford described an experience during a shamanic ceremony with small crystal skulls where she learned she was to be a guardian, and how a friend helped her located Einstein.

"I knew this was mine and had always been... mine," she continued, recalling how the skull felt like it was part of her being. Einstein's first word to Ford was "Quetzalcoatl," one of the major deities of ancient Mesoamerica, and the skull gave her directives and influenced her dreams, Ford revealed. She estimated Einstein at 70,000 years old, from a time when extraterrestrials arrived to seed planet Earth. Einstein was not carved but instead created out of liquid crystal Ford suggested, noting he is the perfection of sacred geometry. She also described techniques for activating Einstein, and how during meditations a funnel of indigo blue light shoots out of him.

Ancient Astronaut Theory

During the third hour, Swiss author Erich Von Daniken talked about the 50th anniversary of Chariots of the Gods — his definitive hypothesis on the concept of ancient aliens. "I knew it would create a storm in Switzerland, maybe in Germany, but not in the whole world," he said. Since the publication of Chariots, the idea of ancient extraterrestrial influences on early human culture has gained in popularity.

References to extraterrestrials can be found in religious texts (such as angels and fallen angels), as well as Nazca in Peru and the pyramids of Egypt, Von Daniken explained. The great mystery of Nazca lay in discovering the difference between the composition of the lines and the rest of the terrain, he suggested. According to Von Daniken, the Egyptian pyramids were constructed to preserve writings (about aliens) for thousands of years. "We are not alone in this universe, there are extraterrestrials and they were here," he said.

The final hour of the program featured Open Lines.

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